Quirky Attraction: The world’s largest bat(s)

worlds largest bats

The World’s Largest Bat(s)
Locations: 800 W. Main (baseball) and 1006 W. Main (vampire), Louisville KY
When to visit: Anytime during daylight hours
Cost: Free
Time needed to enjoy: 15 minutes
Website: www.sluggermuseum.com

Main Street in Louisville, Kentucky is home to two strange sights: The world’s largest bat, and the world’s largest bat. Both of them.

One is a baseball bat that stands 120 feet tall. The other is a scary vampire bat with sharp teeth.

giant bat louisville slugger

The baseball bat is easy to find – it’s at the Louisville Slugger Museum at 800 W. Main. The 68,000-pound bat weighs 34 tons and was built in 1995. Made from carbon steel, the bat is a replica of the 34 inch wooden model used by the great Babe Ruth back in the 1920s. The diameter at its largest point is nine feet.

A plate in front of the bat reveals all the important details.

worlds largest bat sign

Two blocks over, you can find a giant vampire bat hanging on the side of a building next to Caufield’s a novelty store. Less information is available about the origins of this particular bat, but given its location on the side of a novelty shop, we’d have to assume someone created the bat in honor of the store.

Its sharp teeth and bright eyes make it a spooky replica of the real flying mammal.

large vampire bat

largest vampire bat

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