Quirky Attraction: World’s Largest Santa Claus Statue


World’s Largest Santa Claus Statue
Location: North Pole, Alaska (101 St. Nicholas Drive)
When to visit: Anytime during daylight hours; hours for going inside the Santa Claus House vary
Cost: Free
Time needed to enjoy: 10 minutes for the statue; 45 for the house
Website: www.santaclaushouse.com

What if Santa was 42 feet tall and made out of fiberglass? That’s the reality in the town of North Pole, Alaska, where the world’s largest Santa Claus statue stands outside the Santa Claus House, which resides on St. Nicholas Drive. Could this place get any more Christmasy? Nope! And that’s the appeal.


Weighing in at 900 pounds, the statue was built for the World’s Fair in Seattle in 1962 but rightfully found its way to North Pole in 1983. How much paint is needed to give Santa color? Try three gallons of black, five gallons of white, and 10 gallons of red.

Santa would be worthless without his reindeer, and the Santa Claus house has four reindeer that live outside in a pen.


Inside the Santa Claus house, you’ll find a life-size nativity scene, six-foot plush moose and polar bears, and much more. But even if the house itself is not open, you can stop by and view the giant Santa statue and reindeer.

santa claus house

Celebrate Santa all year long at this quirky attraction in North Pole.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. I love your site Scott!! SOme great quirky travel stuff indeed. Love the big Santa and the restaurant in the US where the staff yell at the customers! I’m also a travel blogger. Jonny

  2. That’s one mottly looking reindeer. I’ve seen reindeer in Vancouver at the top of the Grouse Grind – imported for the XMAS crowds. And that’s a supersize Santa.
    Happy Holidays.

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