90 Travel Photo Teasers: Guess the Location By Picture!

Welcome to the archive of all of my Photo Teasers. Over the years, I’ve published dozens of travel-related brain teasers and puzzles.

These guessing games usually challenge readers to identify a mystery location in the picture.

I have recently consolidated all of my Photo Teasers in this one post. Scroll down to challenge yourself to see how many of the questions you can answer. Happy sleuthing!


Ready to guess the location by picture and identify the place shown in these pictures? Let’s go!

Photo Teaser #1

Here’s the first teaser. What city is this? Make your guess, then head to the Photo Teaser Answer Key to see if you’re correct.

Photo Teaser #2

photo teaser 2
Here’s our second photo teaser. This time I’ve blurred the image of a familiar landmark or popular attraction. Can you figure out what the image is?

Photo Teaser #3

Here’s the latest Photo teaser. This image has been cropped and the sun’s reflection makes it a bit blurry. Can you guess what popular U.S. attraction this is?

Photo Teaser #4

I feel like this one is pretty easy, but then again, I already know what it is. This image has been cropped. Can you guess the popular U.S. attraction and/or tourist spot?

Photo Teaser #5

This is one of the wackiest road signs I’ve ever seen. Excuse the low quality – it was taken from a moving car. I can’t believe they really expect five lanes of traffic to be able to follow such a sign and not cause accidents! The question is, in which American city does this sign appear? Hint: It’s not Los Angeles or New York, two cities often thought to have the worst traffic.

Photo Teaser #6

This image comes from a popular U.S. attraction. Can you figure out what it is?

Photo Teaser #7

Can you tell which American city this photo depicts? (You can get a clue by checking out the building in the middle of the pic.)

Photo Teaser #8

photo teaser 8

This time, I’ve cropped an image of a familiar U.S. attraction, national park or historic landmark. Can you tell where the image comes from?

Photo Teaser #9

photo teaser 9

This is a shot taken from the pedestrian walkway of a really long bridge. It’s 1.2 miles (including some uphill sections) and takes about 20 minutes to cross, so don’t dare to start the journey unless you’re sure you can finish it! Can you guess which U.S. bridge this is?

Photo Teaser #10

Put on your thinking caps, because this one is (hopefully) a good challenge. This photo depicts two bridges – the one on the left has apparently been abandoned. The bridges connect two U.S. states. The question: Which states do the bridges connect? There are a couple of context clues to help you out, like the forest vegetation and the fact that the small bridge means that a small river runs underneath it.

Photo Teaser #11

This one is pretty basic. It’s a university town somewhere in the U.S. Can you guess which one? You can receive half-credit for at least figuring out the state.

Photo Teaser #12

Here’s a random shot from the main street of a small town. Can you guess the state? I know, I’m not giving you much to go on this time. Ok, how about this clue: It’s a state I haven’t yet written about on the blog.

Photo Teaser #13

photo teaser 13

Here I am lounging around on a large cat. Can you name the U.S. city where this photo was taken? You don’t necessarily need to have ever seen this statue before to be able to figure out the answer. There’s your clue.

Photo Teaser #14

I enjoyed this city’s downtown more than most. Can you guess which U.S. city is depicted in the town square area above?

Photo Teaser #15

photo teaser 15

Here you see a display case with a variety of seemingly unconnected items. Can you figure out where this image was taken? This one is pretty challenging but if you’re a whiz with context clues, you could nail it. Give yourself 40 points if you guess the correct answer!

Photo Teaser #16

photo teaser 16

Here’s my latest photo teaser. The question this time is simple. In which state did I photograph this giant, (supposedly) 2,000-year-old cypress tree sign? Hint: It’s not California, where you might expect to find most of the giant tourist trees.

Photo Teaser #17

photo teaser 17

A while back, a featured a photo teaser with a large cat statue that turned out to be the mascot of Penn State University. Now, I’ve got another cat statue, but this time the location is completely non-sports-related.

Photo Teaser #18

Take a look at these two photos and name the American city. Bonus points if you can name either of the specific locations depicted in the photos!

Photo Teaser #19

Since the “66 more things I love about Pittsburgh” article from Monday has already become the most popular article in site history (thanks to yinz guys for reading and sharing!), I had to make this week’s Photo Teaser Pittsburgh-related as well. Apologies to those of you not from the Burgh on this one.

This concept of this Photo Teaser is simple: Take a look at these five pics and try to guess where in the city of Pittsburgh each one was taken. Good luck!


photo teaser 19a


photo teaser 19b


photo teaser 3


photo teaser 19d


photo teaser 19e

Photo Teaser #20

photo teaser 20

If you’ve never seen this one before, it might be a little hard to guess, but look closely at the photo. Do you know where in the U.S. this image of rainbow-colored windows comes from?

Photo Teaser #21

This one’s for all the sports fans! During my travels, I’ve seen a ton of statues of athletes erected outside stadiums and arenas. Here are seven stone versions of famous athletes. For each, try to name the player and the city in which the statue was found. Even if you’re not a sports fan, you may be able to identify some of the cities.

photo teaser 21a

photo teaser 21b


photo teaser 21c


photo teaser 21d


photo teaser 21e


photo teaser 21f


photo teaser 21g

Photo Teaser #22

photo teaser 22

Today’s photo teaser is simple. Name that city!

Photo Teaser #23

photo teaser 23

Here’s a cool one that you may have to think about. Check out all these colorful items on a wall. Can you guess where this picture was taken?

Photo Teaser #24

photo teaser 24

This week’s Photo Teaser features a four-armed blue genie man playing drums and guitar in front of tall buildings. Can you guess where the pic was taken?

Photo Teaser #25

photo teaser 25

These warning signs appear all along a certain hillside in a certain part of a certain U.S. city. Can you name the city where this photo was taken?

Photo Teaser #26

photo teaser 26

Do you know which U.S. city displays the 9th and 9th sign seen above?

Photo Teaser #27


Can you guess what city and state the following photo was taken in? The name of the cafe is your clue.

Photo Teaser #28

photo teaser 28

Simple question today: In which city and state did I find this shiny blue bulldog?

Photo Teaser #29

photo teaser 29

This one is a bit different. I’ve taken a prominent U.S. attraction and changed it by distorting and swirling some of the lines. It doesn’t look like much, but if you study it hard, perhaps you can make out the place in the photo.

Photo Teaser #30

photo teaser 30

This blurred image is a noteworthy landmark in a major American city, and I’ve written about it before. Can you guess what it is?

Photo Teaser #31

nashville guitar faces

You don’t have to be a country music fan to be able to pick out at least a couple of the faces on this guitar, located outside Legends at the corner of 5th & Broadway in downtown Nashville. Name the Nashville legends represented on this oversized six-string. I surprised myself by spotting 12 of the 13 faces – I guess I know more about country music history than I thought! (If you need a hint, notice that a couple of the guys have their names on their guitar straps…)

Photo Teaser #32

photo teaser 32

Okay, peeps. This one simply asks you to name the state (and if you’re awesome, name the city as well) shown in this photo. It’s a somewhat-iconic landmark sign often seen by U.S. travelers. (Aside for my journalist friends: Is it possible for something to be “somewhat iconic”? Can you have different degrees of iconicity?)

Photo Teaser #33

photo teaser 33

This week’s photo teaser is an extreme close-up of a tourist attraction or historic site. You can see a couple of angels and a few letters. That’s not much to go on, I know. Can you guess what and where it is? I’ll offer one clue for those who need it: the site is music-related.

Photo Teaser #34

photo teaser 34

For this week’s Photo Teaser, I’ve transformed a photograph by using the stained glass filter to make it nearly unrecognizable. Can you tell which landmark or attraction the photograph used to show? If you’re stumped, I can offer one clue: It’s all about the colors.

Photo Teaser #35

photo teaser 35

Due to the wall-to-wall Alaska coverage, it’s been a while since we’ve done a photo teaser. And I think we’re coming back with a tough one. Take a look at these bright lights. Can you guess where this pic was taken?

Photo Teaser #36

photo teaser 36

Here’s a strange photo. A set of railroad tracks leads directly into a solid brick wall. Do you recognize where this picture was taken?

Photo Teaser #37

photo teaser 37

I’ve blocked out the name of the state on this welcome sign. Can you use the clues in the photo to guess which state is depicted?

Photo Teaser #38

photo teaser 38a
photo teaser 38b

There’s an urban mall somewhere in America that houses several artsy guitars painted up real nice. Each one is very different. My favorite is the ode to the Beatles. Can you guess what city this mall is located in? Hint: It’s not the Mall of America. Hint #2: Think about which cities are associated with music.

Photo Teaser #39

photo teaser 39

Sometimes, despite my best efforts, I can’t make it to every quirky attraction I want to see. The Museum of the Fur Trade sounded like an amazing oddball attraction, but I arrived just as it was closing so I couldn’t venture inside. Its contents will forever remain a mystery… at least until I’m able to return. Can you guess the state that is home to the Museum of the Fur Trade?

Photo Teaser #40

photo teaser 40

“The way life should be?” This welcome sign is pompous and arrogant. I like it! I’ve hidden the name of the state. Can you guess which state believes it has made utopia a reality? The answer may surprise you.

Photo Teaser #41

photo teaser 41

Ah, the perks of traveling… sometimes, you get to relax on a beautiful couch in the middle of nowhere. Can you guess where this pic was taken? Try to guess the state. If you recognize the actual city/town, you’re an insane hardcore traveler who should probably seek help.

Photo Teaser #42

photo teaser 42

Simple quiz today: Take a look at this striking white pedestrian bridge and red art piece that looks like a pile of gooey brains. In what American city was this photo taken?

Photo Teaser #43

photo teaser 43

I’m not giving you a whole lot to go on this time. Teaser #43 presents two photos from an American city. Using context clues, can you figure out the city and state where they were taken?

Photo Teaser #44

photo teaser 44

I suspect this might be one of the easier Photo Teasers I’ve presented in a while… unless you can’t name the city depicted in these images, in which case… never mind. I was just joking. I’m in no way attempting to insult your intelligence.

Photo Teaser #45

photo teaser 45

The latest Photo Teaser is a simple question. Can you guess which city is depicted in the aerial shot shown above?

Photo Teaser #46

The Photo Teaser is back, times ten. The challenge this time is to name as many of the 10 national parks shown in the following photos as you can. Some are fairly obvious, others less so. Scroll down and see which landscapes you recognize!

teaser item a

teaser item b

teaser item c

teaser item d

teaser item e

teaser item

teaser item g

teaser item h

teaser item i

teaser item j

Photo Teaser #47

photo teaser 47

We’re taking a break from this month’s Yukon coverage for another Photo Teaser. Can you identify this mystery U.S. state based on the four photos shown above?

Photo Teaser #48

photo teaser 48

The latest Photo Teaser shows me hanging out with a famous gentleman who has been immortalized in bronze. Do you recognize him? In case the wavy hair, bow tie, suspenders, and glasses aren’t enough, I’ll give you a hint: Think snack food. If you know the fellow’s name, try to earn bonus points by guessing the city and state where his statue is located.

Photo Teaser #49

It’s time for another teaser showing mystery sports statues from around the country. Below are the bronze likenesses of eight popular athletes from six different cities. Can you identify the sports star and the city in which each statue is located?







Photo Teaser 49


Photo Teaser #50

photo teaser 50
Guess the state in which I found this Mormon historic building. I’ll give you a hint: It’s not Utah.

Photo Teaser #51

photo teaser 51
This large North American city has a very distinctive downtown skyline, with a bunch of skyscrapers that all look the same. Can you identify the city?

Photo Teaser #52

calle ocho
Here’s a public park mural that you may be familiar with. Can you name the American city where this colorful art can be found? For bonus points, name the specific neighborhood.

Photo Teaser #53

photo teaser 53
Can you identify the large city shown in these images?

Photo Teaser #54

photo teaser 54

Can you identify the mystery state shown in these three photos?

Photo Teaser #55

photo teaser 55
Ok, here’s a tricky teaser. Take a look at this document and see if you can guess which attraction it came from. It’s one I’ve written about before. That’s it… I will offer no additional clues, so good luck!

Photo Teaser #56

photo teaser 56
New Photo Teaser for ya: Can you identify the American city shown in these images?

Photo Teaser #57

photo teaser 57

A famous U.S. sight is depicted in this image, which has been blurred and distorted. Can you identify the attraction that was shown in the pic before it was Photoshopped?

Photo Teaser #58

photo teaser 58

Try to name the state shown in these images. I like this teaser, because it’s not obvious, but if you put on your thinking cap and try to spot the clues, you may be able to come up with the correct answer.

Photo Teaser #59

photo teaser 59
Here’s a foursome of images from a certain state. Can you guess where they were taken?

Photo Teaser #60

photo teaser 60
Here’s a self pic from a U.S. national park. Take a guess which one!

Photo Teaser #61

photo teaser 61
Today’s Photo Teaser is a simple historical marker. The challenge is to read it, pick out the clues, and try to guess the state in which it can be found.

Photo Teaser #62

photo teaser 62
This bear statue was spotted near a popular American national park. Can you guess which one? It’s obviously a park where bears are found, so that narrows it down a bit.

Photo Teaser #63

photo teaser 63
Check out our latest travel brain teaser! This time, your goal is to study the four photos below and try to guess which state they were taken in.

Photo Teaser #64

photo teaser 64
Here’s the latest Photo Teaser. It’s a blue horse head. Your challenge: Identify the city and state in which this photo was taken. The horse is the primary clue here. Think about horses. Horses.

Photo Teaser #65

photo teaser 65
Here’s a fun take on “American Gothic,” the iconic 1930 painting by Grant Wood. Do you know the American city in which this mural can be found? Your hint: It’s a Midwest capital city that I’ve written about extensively.

Photo Teaser #66

photo teaser 66

I’m a big fan of Walks of Fame. Many cities have created walks of fame on their sidewalks to honor famous local residents or people who have contributed to the city’s culture. Take a look at the four images below. These are four Walks of Fame that I’ve visited in the past, featuring the stars of Celine Dion, Dolly Parton, Chuck Berry, and Johnny Cash. Can you guess which city each photo was taken in?

Photo Teaser #67

photo teaser 67

Here’s a pic I took last week. Can you guess where it was taken? Though it may look like somewhere in the Sahara Desert, this pic was taken right here in the U.S. I had an absolute blast at this place, and I’ll be writing about in great detail next month!

Photo Teaser #68

photo teaser 68

Skylines are one of our favorite Photo Teaser subjects. Here’s one taken from inside a popular museum in an American city. Can you guess which city is depicted in the distant image here?

Photo Teaser #69

photo teaser 69
Here’s our latest Photo Teaser. Can you identify the blurry tourist hotspot shown in this photo?

Photo Teaser #70

photo teaser 70
Here’s our latest Photo Teaser, a montage of images from a large American city. Can you guess which one? This Teaser seems easy to me, but that might just be because I know these sights so well.

Photo Teaser #71

photo teaser 71

This one is a bit more serious than most. Here’s a historic marker with some key clues blurred out. Do you know the city and/or state in which this famous civil rights moment took place?

Photo Teaser #72

photo teaser 72
It’s time for another ‘Name That City’ Photo Teaser. Check out the series of images below and try to identify the American city in which they were taken.

Photo Teaser #73

photo teaser 73a
photo teaser 73b

This week’s Photo Teaser is a bit different. Check out this photo I snapped looking up at the rocks on the mountains near Logan Pass in Glacier National Park. Some bighorn sheep are hanging out on these rocks, nicely camouflaged with their tan hides. Using binoculars, I was able to verify exactly how many animals were chilling here. How many can you see in these photos?

Photo Teaser #74

photo teaser 74
This time, I’ve blurred a famous tourist attraction almost beyond recognition. Your duty, should you choose to accept it, is to name the popular site shown in this photo.

Photo Teaser #75

photo teaser 75

Here’s a statue of a prominent Native American woman. Can you guess the American city in which this is located? Hint: The statue sits in front of a state capitol building.

Photo Teaser #76

photo teaser 76
I took this self pic a few years back at a national park. Try to guess which one!

Photo Teaser #77

photo teaser 77
Who’s up for a hike? This photo shows a hiking trail in a popular national park. Clearly, there’s not much green going on in this desert. Can you guess which park is shown?

Photo Teaser #78

photo teaser 78
Since 2016 is the 100th anniversary of the national park system, I’m presenting yet another Photo Teaser that deals with national parks. Can you guess which national park is shown in this photograph?

Photo Teaser #79

photo teaser 79
Here’s an unusual landscape. A desert scene with the ruins of a stone building. Your task is to guess the state in which this photo was taken.

Photo Teaser #80


Here’s an unusual assortment of animals I encountered once during a travel excursion. Believe it or not, iguanas, a caged parrot, butterflies sucking water out of sand, and a muddy pig were all spotted in the same city! Which North American city is this?

Photo Teaser #81

photo teaser 81
This month’s Photo Teaser features the skyline of a major American city. Can you identify it?

Photo Teaser #82

photo teaser 82
Here’s a pic of me standing next to a national park welcome sign. This photo is from a few years back. Based on the surroundings, can you guess which U.S. national park I might be standing in?

Photo Teaser #83

photo teaser 83

Check out this view of a major American city with its lake and skyline. Can you identify the city?

Photo Teaser #84

photo teaser 84
Here’s an unusual castle. Using the context clues from this image, can you guess the state in which it can be found?

Photo Teaser #85

photo teaser 85
Here’s a view of an American city from atop a skyscraper. Can you identify the city?

Photo Teaser #86

photo teaser 86
For today’s Photo Teaser we’re heading north of the border. Here’s a view of a Canadian city taken from a tall structure in the same city. Can you guess which city we are looking at?

Photo Teaser #87

photo teaser 87
Behold, the most arrogant welcome sign in the world! This location in North America calls itself “the best place on earth.” A lot of people feel that claim is actually justified, as you can tell from the scenic mountains in the photo. I’ve blacked out the name of the location on the sign. Can you guess which North American destination this sign represents?

Photo Teaser #88

photo teaser 88
Here’s a heavily-blurred photo of a landmark in the United States. Can you discern the famous spot depicted here?

Photo Teaser #89

photo teaser 89
Take a look at these images. Can you name the American city in which they were taken?

Photo Teaser #90

photo teaser 90

This week’s Photo Teaser offers a simple photo taken at an intersection somewhere outside the United States. Can you use the clues to take a guess which country is depicted in the image? The only hint I’ll offer is that it’s a country in the Western Hemisphere.