High-Wire Act: Riding the Teleferico in the Dominican

When I attended the Fathom cruise in the Dominican, one of the coolest side trips was riding the Teleferico cable car. The Teleferico takes guests to the top of the Isabel de Torres mountain overlooking the city of Puerto Plata on the northern side of the country.


Billed as the only cable car in the Caribbean, the Teleferico is open everyday until 5 pm. After paying a small fee, you step inside the car and begin heading up the mountain.


The scenery becomes more and more awesome as the town, the beach, and the mountain trees come into view.

teleferico view



teleferico trees

You’re supposed to go early in the day, before the clouds roll in and block the view. We did not take this advice to heart. By the time we got close to the top, we were soaring through the clouds and got a nice view of fog.


At the top of the mountain, you’ll find souvenir vendors, a garden, and a mini version of the famous Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio. My cruise friends and I had to take a bunch of pics with the statue. This unexpected side trip became one of the highlights of the visit.


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