Complete Guide to Voyageurs National Park: Things To Do, Campgrounds, Hiking

voyageurs national park bald eagles
In Voyageurs National Park, I got to witness this adult bald eagle fly back to its nest to feed the immature bald eagle on the left.

Situated way up in the northernmost part of Minnesota, Voyageurs National Park is one of the most unique national parks in America. With four large lakes and 26 smaller interior lakes, roughly 40% percent of the park is water. The rest is forested mainland and scattered islands.

Popular activities in Voyageurs include hiking, camping, boating, and taking park-operated ferry rides. I had a chance to visit Voyageurs recently and took an interesting ferry ride to several islands.

Voyageurs National Park is one of the best places in the continental U.S. to see bald eagles. We saw 10 on the ferry ride alone!

Wanna come check out Voyageurs? Here’s a guide with everything you need to know, including a list of things to do, activity suggestions for summer and winter, the wildlife of the park, and answers to other common questions.

Basic Info About Voyageurs National Park

Here’s a Voyageurs National Park map, which shows how the park hugs the Canadian border. Sometimes when you’re out there exploring the park by boat, you can’t tell which islands are part of Canada and which are part of the U.S.!

voyageurs national park map

Voyageurs has three visitor centers. Only the Rainy Lake Visitor Center, located in International Falls, Minnesota, stays open year-round. The other two, Kabetogama and Ash River, typically remain open from late May through September.

The name Voyageurs comes from the French word for traveler. These waterways were commonly used in the 1700s for fur trading by French settlers and Native Americans in the area. The Ojibwe tribe dominated the area by 1780, and they interacted with European traders often.

rainy lake visitor center ojibwe scene
This scene of Ojibwe life can be found at Rainy Lake Visitor Center.

In the most recent year that data is available, around 240,000 people visited Voyageurs. That was low enough for it to appear on the list of America’s Least Popular National Parks! The reason for the relatively small number of visitors is undoubtedly its location. It’s not near any major cities.

Voyageurs is three hours from Duluth by car, four hours from Grand Forks, North Dakota, four hours from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and five hours from Minneapolis. Even many lifelong Minnesota residents have never visited Voyageurs since it’s so far north.

kabetogama lake

Voyageurs is a five-hour drive from Grand Portage, Minnesota, where you can board a ferry to reach another remote national park, Michigan’s Isle Royale. If you’re going to come this far north, you might as well visit both parks and check them both off your list.

Things To Do At Voyageurs NP: Ferry Rides and More

Camping and hiking are two of the most common activities in this forested wonderland. Read more about those in the next section. Beyond that, you’ll want to get out on the water to truly explore the park.

voyageurs minnesota nature boating
The boat cruise is one of the best things to do at Voyageurs National Park!

The park operates the Amik tour boat from Kabetogama Lake and the Voyageur tour boat on Rainy Lake. Both are handicap accessible and can be booked in advance online. Reservations are encouraged in case they sell out.

The Kettle Falls Cruise runs from 10 am to 3:30 pm and includes a visit to the historic Kettle Falls Hotel and a stop for a picnic lunch (guests must bring their own food.) There’s also a 2:30 pm to 8 pm afternoon Kettle Falls Cruise on Saturdays.

As of 2023, this tour costs $60 for adults and $30 for kids. It does not operate everyday. Tickets are refundable, less a $3 service fee, so you can book ahead of time without worry.

tour boat cruise ferry
The view inside the Voyageur as we head out on a ferry ride around the park waters.

The cruise I participated in was the Grand Tour, a shorter ferry ride that runs from 2 to 4:30 pm daily. If you’re short on time or just want a brief taste of the park, this cruise is the one you want. The price of this tour has shot up dramatically in recent years. It was only $30 when I went, but it’s now $50 for adults and $25 for kids.

This tour includes a brief stop at Little American Island to see remnants of the gold rush in the area. All of these tour boat cruises are narrated by rangers who are great at spotting bald eagle nests.

The park also operates seasonal walking garden tours and paddling canoe tours. These are free, but check with the visitor centers for availability.

Fishing and kayaking are also popular things to do in Voyageurs. If you want to hire a private charter boat, rent canoes or kayaks, or hire a fishing guide, check out the park’s list of approved partners.

As for winter activities, ice fishing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing are all available. The park claims to have 110 miles of trails free for winter fun. Guests can borrow snowshoes for free from the Rainy Lake Visitor Center.

rainy lake visitor center

There are even some ice roads, where the lakes freeze and cars are permitted to drive across the ice to travel deeper into the park during the cold winter months!

Camping and Hiking

There are just 7 official hiking trails within the park that are accessible by car. Trail maps can be obtained at a visitor center. Most are suitable for day hiking, but if you want to get really ambitious, try to tackle some or all of the 28-mile Kab-Ash Trail. It’s known as a remote trail where you can go hours or days without seeing any other hikers!

Popular Voyageurs National Park Hikes:

• Easy: Echo Bay Trail (2.5 mile loop trail, △144 feet)
• Moderate: Blind Ash Bay Trail (2.5 miles out & back with a loop, △300 feet)
• Strenuous: Kab-Ash Trail (27.9 miles one way, △1500 feet)

Voyageurs National Park camping consists of hundreds of campsites, most of which require boats to reach. You can see the full campsite map (PDF) from the National Park Service by clicking here. UPDATE: The NPS not longer offers a free downloadable campsite map, but you can see an interactive online map here.

Advance reservations are required for tent camping within the park. It does not appear that there are any campgrounds that you can drive to within the park borders. All require water transportation to reach.

little american gold mine hiking
Peering down into Little American Mine, an abandoned gold mine on Little American Island.

There are a few mainland campgrounds and resorts that are not within the park’s official borders, such as Pine Aire Resort and Wooden Frog Campground in the Kabetogama area. Campers must store their food in bear-proof containers hung from a tree at least 10 feet high and out of reach of bears.

Wildlife Viewing

Bald eagles, wolves, moose, and black bears could be considered the big four of Voyageurs NP wildlife. Around 150 black bears inhabit the park and they’ve been known to come into contact with humans who are camping, so take the proper precautions. There are no grizzly bears in the area.

Minnesota has the most bald eagles in the lower 48 states, with more than 1300 pairs. At last count, the park itself had 42 breeding pairs of eagles. You’ll likely see some if you take a tour boat cruise.

They are most commonly found in the West Rainy, North and East Kabetogama, and West Namakan Lakes areas. Look up to the very tops of tall trees to spot their nests.

moose wildlife voyageurs
A stuffed moose on display in one of the park visitor centers.

Only about 40 to 50 moose reside in Voyageurs. Most are found on the Kabetogama Peninsula. The park advises that the best place to see them during the summer is Cruiser Lake Trail.

About 6 to 9 packs of gray wolves live in the park, but they are not often seen. If you get a lucky sighting, it may be when one crosses a park road near a visitor center, or in the winter along the shores of the larger lakes.

Tourists may spot deer and smaller mammals such as otters, hares, fox, beavers, and porcupines. Bird watchers tend to love Voyageurs since in addition to eagles there are owls, loons, warblers, and more.

Voyageurs Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an admission fee?

Unlike many other national parks, Voyageurs National Park has no entrance fee. Woohoo! You’ll only pay if you decide to reserve a campsite, take a ferry ride, rent a houseboat or kayak, or hire a fishing guide.

voyageur ferry reservations

What’s the best time to visit Voyageurs? And what is the weather like?

Summer is obviously when most people will come to the park, since the weather is nice and the boat tours are running. Many tours start in the morning, so arriving early is ideal.

From June through August, high temperatures usually reach the upper 70s F, while lows can still dip down into the 40s, with occasional rain. Bring mosquito repellent, and bring a jacket if you’re going on the boat! In the winter, snow can be heavy and temps dip below zero at night.

Are there any historic points of interest in the park?

Not many. The main appeal of the park is its nature. There is one place, the Kettle Falls Hotel, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built in 1910 and remains in operation as a hotel today. It can only be reached by boat. Some of the park-operated tour boat cruises stop at the hotel.

Can I make a houseboat rental reservation?

Yes! Renting a houseboat for a group of people is a popular summer activity at Voyageurs NP. Go here to learn everything you need to know an renting a houseboat and where you’re permitted to operate it within the park.

houseboat rentals voyageurs
I saw a lot of houseboats docked to various islands around the park.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are permitted in a few select areas only, including Frontcountry campsites and the Recreation Trail, which covers 1.7 miles near the Rainy Lake Visitor Center. They are permitted in all visitor center parking lots as well.

Can you see the Northern Lights at Voyageurs National Park?

Sure, sometimes. The aurora borealis makes an appearance now and then in this part of northern Minnesota. There’s little light pollution in this area, so the night skies are usually clear and visible. Check out a North American aurora forecast site, such as this one, to determine your odds of seeing the Northern Lights during your visit.

Where can I find lodging near Voyageurs National Park?

I struggled with this myself, because there aren’t a ton of lodging options. There are a few campground options just outside the park, noted above. There’s also Arnold’s Campground & RV Park in the Rainy Lake area.

As far as hotels near Voyageurs National Park, there are several resorts and lodges near the lake. Many of these can be a bit expensive, however. The city of International Falls has a few hotels.

If you’re willing to drive farther, you can find cheaper hotels in the towns of Baudette, Warroad and Orr. I ended up staying at an affordable hotel in Warroad as I drove west from the park.

For hotel reservations, I always recommend searching with, because they do the best job of aggregating lodging properties and offering the best available deals. Click to search for Voyageur National Park hotels on

Is there cell phone service at Voyageurs?

Yes, in most of the park, with most carriers, you will have a cell signal. There may be times on a cruise or a more remote part of the park when the cell signal will drop out.

Where can I learn more about Voyageurs National Park?

Check out National Geographic’s illustrated trail map (Amazon link) to see extensive maps of the entire park region. For more stories and history, try the website for the Voyageurs National Park Association, an organization dedicated to supporting and protecting the park.

What else can you do near Voyageurs?

Because it’s so far north, there aren’t a lot of other attractions nearby. You can visit International Falls, Minnesota, and cross the border into Canada. You could swing down to Kabetogama or George Washington State Forests. Or you could take a 90-minute drive south to the town of Eveleth, where you can find the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame.

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  1. I’m staying at Kettle Falls Hotel in July. Are there hiking trails near the hotel they don’t require another boat trip? Thank you.

    1. The campgrounds inside the park do not have showers. The only amenities there are vault toilets, bear-proof food lockers, picnic tables, and fire pits. Even most of the campgrounds outside park boundaries do not have showers. Here’s a list of possible options: The only one I could find that has showers for sure is Pine Aire Resort:

  2. How many days would you suggest staying? We are trying to hit Voyageurs, Isle Royale, and Indiana Dunes in one trip. Thanks!

    1. It probably depends whether you want to go kayaking or camping. If you just want to take a short day cruise, you can zip through the park in one afternoon. Two to three days would be more than enough.

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