Quirky Attraction: Rockford Sock Monkey Statues

sock monkey statue

Rockford Sock Monkey Statues
Location: Rockford, Illinois (various locations around town)
When to visit: Daylight hours
Cost: Free
Time needed to enjoy: 5 minutes each
Website: Fiberglass-Sock-Monkey-Statues-in-Rockford-IL on Facebook (unofficial)

Who doesn’t love sock monkeys? The city of Rockford in north central Illinois certainly does. There are apparently at least a dozen fiberglass sock monkey statues throughout the town. There’s even an annual Sock Monkey Festival in March.

There are so many monkeys that I couldn’t find a complete list, though this Facebook page lists the locations of several (check the user comments.) The one I visited was named Soxanne, and she was found outside the Midway Village Museum at 6799 Guilford Rd.

All of the monkeys look different. The Rockford College monkey wears purple, the school color. The airport monkey carries a suitcase, the Rockford Speedway monkey bears a checkered flag, and the Stockholm Inn monkey wears a blue beanie and sweater.

At the time, I didn’t know there were other monkey statues besides Soxanne, or I would have made an effort to see them all. Monkeys are the most awesome animal! (Well, maybe after komodo dragons…) There are reportedly 22 sock monkey statues in the community. Read more about the quirky Rockford, Illinois attractions here.

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