The Coolest New York City Neighborhoods Worth Checking Out

coolest new york city neighborhoods

The “best New York City neighborhoods” is a subjective topic that depends largely on what kind of area you’re looking for. For me, I enjoy places that have some distinct qualities that make them different from the rest of the city.

NYC has a ton of interesting hoods throughout its five boroughs. I know people who swear by Red Hook, Hell’s Kitchen, Greenpoint and Washington Heights, which are all cool but failed to make my list. I’ve spent most of my time in Manhattan, hence these choices. Here are a few of my favorite spots to check out when I’m in town.

NYC Neighborhood I most want to live in:

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The hipster capital of the world! Put on those skinny jeans, hop on your fixie and go enjoy a vegan meal at a local café, followed by cheap PBRs at the nearest dive bar while you discuss the latest Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective records. Or catch a show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, one of my favorite live music venues in NYC.

wiliamsburg spelling bee

As one of the few hipsters who willingly embraces the label, I feel at home in Williamsburg and make an effort to stop by every time I’m in NYC. The epic thrift store Beacon’s Closet is always a must-visit, though lately I’ve been disappointed in the lack of truly great items there.

NYC Neighborhood that is starting to feel more like a college town:

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village has long been known as the Bohemian center of NYC, though it has been changing over the years. NYU has been taking over more and more, and I may be one of the few people who doesn’t mind, because I like college neighborhoods as well. Washington Square Park is a fun place to hangout for those who don’t want to head up to Union Square.

NYC Neighborhood worth going north for:

Morningside Heights

I particularly like the youthful energy around the Columbia University area near 116th Street, where I stayed for two months during my first NYC experience. This part of the Upper West Side is fairly vibrant and safe, and though it may take you a while to get south of 14th Street from here, you can pass the time by sitting back and soaking in the NYC subway experience.

columbia university - favorite nyc neighborhoods

NYC Neighborhood I want to spend more time in:

(Tie) East Village & Harlem

The East Village (or the Lower East Side, but I’m not getting in the middle of that semantic war) is the place to go in Manhattan for affordable housing and numerous nightlife options for the younger, alternative-type crowd. Shamefully, I haven’t found myself there more than a couple of times.

Meanwhile, Harlem has loads of culture and history but I was scared away when I first went to NYC by the apocryphal stories of crime. It’s become a much more visitor-friendly area since then. Next time, I need to stop by to check out the museums, restaurants and attractions like the Apollo.

NYC Neighborhood with lots to do and a cool vibe:


Chelsea has a fun mix of people, eateries and nightlife, centered around both gay culture and not-gay-but-trendy culture. And it has a generous amount of green space, like the High Line! The only drawback with Chelsea is that it’s a little too big – I’d enjoy it more if the best parts of the hood could be packed into a more concentrated area. Oh, and if the rent was a little more affordable. But these are minor quibbles.

And someday, I have to stay at the Chelsea Hotel, like so many of my idols have. Even if it’s just for one night.

chelsea hotel - coolest new york city neighborhoods

NYC Neighborhood for upscale culture & celeb watching:


For one month, I lived a block north of SoHo (that’s NoHo, if you’re playing the regional nickname game.) SoHo is too expensive for my taste in terms of shopping and eating out, but it’s the best spot to watch for celebrities and take in upscale NYC culture. The sophisticated hood has plenty of art and architecture to enjoy. It’s posh, but I don’t feel out of place. Other things to do in SoHo include checking out the galleries and street art, and visiting bars and restaurants.

NYC Neighborhood for budget shopping:


When I first visited Chinatown, I was flummoxed because I was actually having a hard time finding Chinese restaurants. This doesn’t make any sense!, I thought. The restaurants are there, but on that day I was distracted by all the people right in the middle of the heart of the shopping district, which gets super-crowded on nice days, as visitors stroll through looking for bargains.

The prices are definitely appropriate for the budget traveler. Not a place I’d necessarily want to put down roots, but it’s fun to stop by and check out the action.

chinatown nyc

NYC Neighborhood for a nice dinner:

Little Italy

There are few things I love more than sidewalk seating while eating dinner, especially in northern cities than only have warm weather a few months a year. I always like heading to Little Italy for its many restaurants that offer outdoor seating and primo people-watching. Its close proximity to Chinatown allows visitors to take in two very different areas of the city in just a short walk.

Little Italy NYC
Little Italy is one of the coolest NYC neighborhoods, especially when it comes to dining.


NYC Neighborhood I’m not ashamed to admit liking:

Times Square

This is how you know I’m not an NYC local: Because I enjoy Times Square. It’s true, the area isn’t really much of a “neighborhood” in the sense that it’s not a big residential community. But if you’re visiting from out of town, how can you not make a stop in Times Square and enjoy the lights, the energy, the history?

There aren’t many other places in the world where you’ll find people from so many different cultures and backgrounds, all gathered together, so in that sense, Times Square really encapsulates what New York City is all about.

Plus, Times Square is practically right next door to Rockefeller Center, and if it’s winter, you can go skating or just observe the action. It’s undeniably one of the best parts of NYC.

rockefeller center skating

Which of the coolest New York City neighborhoods are your favorite?

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  1. This is a cool post-as someone from WV who only has ever seen NYC as a tourist, I like to get the inside scoop on where to go and what to expect in each place!

  2. I love that even though it is so easy to travel around NYC, most people rarely leave their neighborhoods! When I was looking for a summer sublet, I looked at a place in the East Village and the person renting said she NEVER gets above 14th Street.

    Thankfully, I found a place in “my” area (UWS) and never had to go below 23rd or UES:-)

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