Quirky Attraction: The Longitudinal Center of Canada

longitudinal center canada

Who loves some quirky geography? As a map enthusiast, I enjoy oddball spots such as the exact center of the United States, which I visited several years ago in Lebanon, Kansas.

Recently in central Canada I found another geographical quirk: The exact longitudinal (east-west) center of Canada. Sitting at 96° 48’ 35” W, this spot is situated in the town of Tache, Manitoba, just 30 minutes or so from the capital city of Winnipeg.

Known officially as Centre of Canada Park, the site currently consists of just a welcome sign. You can come take your photo in front of the big sign declaring the spot the “Centre of Canada.” Also look out for the maple leaf flag made out of flowers.

center of canada winnipeg

The sign is easy to spot driving along Route 1, the Trans-Canada Highway that runs the distance from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. There’s a sizable parking lot where you can pull in to walk over and visit the center of Canada sign.

manitoba centre canada

There are big plans in the works for this site, including a 20-acre park with a wetland area, an observatory, interactive elements, a playground, and a large special event area.

Is this precise spot really the exact longitudinal center of Canada? There’s some debate. The Atlas of Canada says the real middle is a spot 20 minutes east of Tache. But this is where the official marker now rests, so it’s going to own the honor from now on.

winnipeg longitudinal centre

If You’re Going: Longitudinal Center of Canada

Address: 96° 48’ 35” W Trans-Canada Highway, Tache, Manitoba (Google Map)
Cost: None
When to Visit: Anytime
Time Needed: 5 minutes
Website: https://centreofcanada.ca/home/

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