Do you need to pay a departure tax to exit Cuba?

“Do you know where we pay the exit fee?”

As we awaited our flights out of Cuba, the German tourist approached me at Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport asking about the so-called departure tax. He said his Lonely Planet guide instructed him to save $25 CUC to cover the exit fee, and now he couldn’t figure out where to make this payment.

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Do you need to pay a departure tax to leave Cuba?

For many years, whenever you boarded a flight out of Cuba, you had to pay a fee of $25 per person at the airport. This sometimes caused problems for unaware tourists, since the fee had to be paid in Cuban money, and it had to be paid in cash. But they did away with this fee in May 2015, rolling the necessary departure fees into the price of the flight.

I informed the German dude that he did not have to pay to leave Cuba. And he was disappointed. Because he and his girlfriend had set aside $50 in Cuban money to cover this fee, and now they didn’t need it. And they were already beyond security and the currency exchange, so they had no way to switch their cash back to Euros.

As the guy shrugged, I pointed to the tiny restaurant counter in the terminal and suggested he could at least buy water and snacks. That was better than losing his $50 entirely!

I think the real lesson here is this: Travelers should trust travel blogs instead of outdated Lonely Planet books 🙂

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Summary: The Cuban airport exit fee is no longer required

To sum up: As of 2015, visitors to Cuba do NOT have to pay anything to leave the country. Any such fees were already paid in the cost of your flight.

If you plan wisely, you can spend up all of your Cuban cash, then head to the airport with no Cuban money left, and you will have no problems departing the country.

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