Quirky Attraction: Saturn 1B Rocket at Alabama Rest Stop

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Saturn 1B Rocket at Alabama Rest Stop
Location: Rest stop on I-65 near Elkmont and Ardmore, Alabama
When to visit: Anytime during daylight hours
Cost: Free
Time needed to enjoy: 10 minutes
Website: waymarking.com (unofficial)

Welcome to Alabama! Look, we have a giant rocket!

That’s how visitors are greeted as they pull in to the rest stop on I-65 in Alabama, one mile south of the Tennessee border.

I confess that I was not expecting to see a real rocket on display at a random rest stop in the Deep South, but there it was. A 224-foot-tall Saturn 1B rocket, one of three created in the Alabama city of Huntsville. A sign at the site explains the details:

rocket sign

In other words, one of the rockets in the Saturn series went to the moon, but not this one. It possibly could have flown into space, except it didn’t. So this rocket is kind of historic… or not.

Regardless of where this thing did or did not go, unless you’ve been to NASA and have looked at space vehicles up close, the rocket is pretty cool to see. There’s a fence around it (so no touching!), but you can get super close for an impressive look at a little piece of space history.


In 2014, it was announced that the rocket would be getting a facelift, with new paint (more than 100 gallons!) and a fresh cleaning. It had gone eight years without being painted, so it was way overdue for the update. The rocket has been on display here since 1979.

The Alabama rocket is one of three Saturn 1B rockets currently on display. One is in Huntsville, Alabama, and another resides at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. If you find yourself driving between Nashville and Huntsville, make sure to pull over at the rest stop to catch a glimpse up close.


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  1. Feels good to visit your blog again after a short hiatus. This must be one quirky attraction, and its fascinating. The rocket must be visible from quite a distance, is it?

  2. i’m 56 years old, and I’ve been stopping at this rest area ever since I I can mremember. it especiallymeant a lot when I was able to take my own daughter and she would be afraid to walk up underneath of it LOL! No matter how old you are it’s always a thrill to get to stand next to it. So proud to have a little piece of history of the NASA space program herein my own back yard

  3. Going to and from our home in Kentucky to Crestview Florida I always look forward to seeing this massive bit of technology standing tall and proud. I never get tired of it and as a retired Airman it makes me think of young years watching the moon missions live. I entered the Air Force in 1969 so it was quite a year, Americans landed on the moon, the Jets won the Super Bowl the Mets won the World Series. Vietnam was going strong civil rights demonstrations were every where and so was anti war demonstrations. Through it all I love America.

  4. Just drove past this on Hwy 65, yes it’s impressive and although it’s huge, I didn’t think it was a real rocket at first. Very unexpected! Wife was able to snap a pic though, so we’ll add that to our road trip album! Thanks for posting this info on it

  5. yes! can’t miss this one. just caught this beaut to & from our spring break excursion (SBend>/<Sarasota). 6y/o daughter said she can't wait to bring her (future) kids to see it!

  6. When I was leaving Tennessee & entering Alabama, I could see the top of the rocket,for what seemed to be a few miles, & I still didn’t know what it was, above the tree tops, when I came up to the rest stop” doing 75miles per hour” all of a sudden there it was, I down shifted & crossed 2lanes just to stop &see it……….it was really cool….. a must see! !!!

  7. Good news! NASA just announced plans to spruce up the rocket this year and eventually a major renovation so the attraction will be around for more generations.

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