Visiting Graceland For Free: See the Meditation Garden and Graves of Elvis and His Family

Elvis meditation garden tour family graves
You can tour the Graceland meditation garden for free each morning!

Yes, it’s possible to visit Graceland, Elvis Presley’s mansion in Memphis, for free. Score! You can’t actually go inside the mansion, but you can stop by the Meditation Garden and view the graves of Elvis and his family up close.

For those without the cash or time to see the whole mansion, the garden is a great free option. Read on for the info….

NOTE: If you’re an Elvis superfan, you may want to take a day tour from Memphis to Tupelo to see the Elvis birthplace. Lunch and transportation are included!

When You Can Visit Graceland For Free

Every morning from 7:30-8:30 am, the gates open and visitors are welcome to walk up the drive to the Meditation Garden. The mansion is at 3764 Elvis Presley Blvd. Guests must leave before the daily tours begin.

Outside the gates, you’ll see the historic marker dedicated to Elvis Aaron Presley.

Graceland historic marker

Graceland, of course, is where the King of Rock N Roll lived. Elvis bought the 13.8-acre mansion in 1957 for just over $100,000. That was a massive sum at the time! But he could afford it thanks to his extensive track record of hits.

The brick wall around the property has been decorated with messages from thousands of Elvis fans over the years.

Graceland brick wall

As you walk up to the Meditation Garden, you can get a good look at the mansion.

Graceland for free mansion

Fun fact: Graceland is the second-most visited house in the United States, behind only the White House. Cool!

NOTE: In early 2021, the Graceland website said that morning access to the meditation garden was on hold due to the global health situation.

However, that note no longer appears on the Graceland website. It appears that, as the country has opened back up and things are starting to return to normal, the Meditation Garden has re-opened as well, so visitors are once again allowed to visit Elvis Presley’s grave for free.

The Meditation Garden and Graves of Elvis and His Family

After catching a glance of the mansion, it’s onto the garden itself. I went on a Monday morning and found myself in the company of another 15-20 people.

The group included some excited German tourists who threw a bunch of cameras my way and required me to take several photos of them. But I was happy to oblige.

The garden is a beautiful, peaceful setting, with flowers and a central fountain. You can visit the meditation garden at Graceland for free every morning of the year except Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Getting free admission for a walk-up visit is a great privilege, so be respectful of the grounds and your fellow tourists.

Elvis is buried with his mother, father, grandmother and stillborn twin brother.

Elvis grave
You don’t even need Graceland tickets to see the Elvis grave in person!

Graceland Tours, Tickets, Hours, Parking

Elvis died in the bathroom of Graceland in 1977 of a heart attack. The property was owned by his daughter Lisa Marie, until she passed away in early 2023. It’s now slated to be the property of her children.

Lisa Marie has now been buried in the Meditation Garden as well, next to her son, Benjamin Keough, who passed away a few years ago.

As noted earlier, you can’t go inside the mansion unless you purchase tickets. And ticket prices have shot up dramatically in recent years.

In 2011, you could get a basic ticket for $31, but the cheapest ticket as of 2023 is now $49.75. And that’s for something called the “Memphis & Planes Tour,” which doesn’t even include a tour of the mansion!

The cheapest Elvis mansion ticket is now a whopping $79 for adults and $45 for kids. That’s the Elvis Experience Tour, which includes a mansion tour and full access to the Elvis Entertainment Complex, which includes museums and a tour of his custom jets.

Some Graceland tours include access to the Presley Motors Automobile Museum, which is a collection of the King’s old cars. That includes his famous pink Cadillac! Plus his Rolls Royce, his Mercedes Benz limo, and more.

These massive prices explain why so many people are interested in just visiting the meditation garden at Graceland for free without paying for the full mansion visit. VIP mansion tours range from $135-215.

The most expensive tour includes access to “VIP exhibits” and random perks like a free meal and an “exclusive photo opportunity.” That really doesn’t sound like anything work paying extra for, to be honest. Find tix here.

Elvis family graves meditation garden

If you want to fully immerse yourself into the Elvis experience, you can stay right at The Guest House at Graceland.

You won’t be staying inside the mansion itself, but you’ll be just steps away, on an upscale hotel property operated by the folks who run Graceland.

Graceland hours vary by season, but as of this writing, it’s generally open 9 am to 4 pm most days, with extended hours to 5 pm on certain popular dates. The mansion is closed to visitors on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The museums don’t open until 10 am.

You can often find special events at Graceland, such as his annual birthday celebration, which often runs for several days. It’s January 7-10 next year (his actual birthday is January 8.) So keep your eyes peeled for special programs that Graceland advertises from time to time.

Graceland does have a secured visitor parking lot. For GPS purposes, the parking lot address is slightly different: 3717 Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis TN.

At last check, the cost for parking on-site was reportedly $10. When I visited, I found free street parking in the neighborhood and walked over, so that’s always an option.

Many people often wonder if you can drive by Graceland or see it from the road. You can, but it’s hidden behind the gate, and it sits back from the road a bit, so you won’t see much just from driving by.

You’re better off parking and walking over the front gate. That way you can at least get a pic of the front gate, the historic marker, and a view of the mansion from a distance.

For a look at what you might find inside the mansion, give a read to my friend Deena’s post about visiting Graceland on Elvis Presley’s 76th birthday celebration.

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53 thoughts on “Visiting Graceland For Free: See the Meditation Garden and Graves of Elvis and His Family”

  1. No, that is incorrect,, scroll up to the pic above and clearly he’s buried between his grandmother and his father

  2. Good grief. Even in death he can’t have peace. And none of you people knew him but you know he would want this or that.

  3. I seen Elvis several times in concert in my younger days, with my grandmom who totally loved him; and when he went home to be with God, I came for the funeral. I cried for weeks afterwards. I was only 20 years old and felt like my heart was ripped out. At least every 5 years I return to Graceland, sometimes more often, just to feel his presence in his home. The aura of each room in his home is undeniably him. Each room, which you need to remember was decorated over 65 years ago, was lived in by him and he had a hand in the decorations. It’s certainly not modern by our standards today, but in his lifetime was lavish and stylish. As you pass through his home, each room allows you to feel his presence and love. The tv room is a sight you might laugh at, the shag rugs and waterfall are whimsical and if anyone gets to again see his grandmoms room you will be graced to see a magical moment. There is nothing like it and never will be again. Yes, it might be a little pricey for some, but for those of us who truly loved Elvis it is worth every penny. For anyone that got to see the hologram of Elvis singing with Lisa Marie singing, it was a moment in time that will never be not only unforgettable but stunned us all, there weren’t many dry eyes in the entire crowd that day. So for all you wondering if it’s worth it, A RESOUNDINGLY HUGE YES. And yes, go get a few souvenirs across the street. Stay at Heartbreak hotel across the street. It’s a lifetime moment you’ll never regret.
    Barbara C.

    1. I am concerned about the crime in Memphis. It also states the Graceland is in a bad part of the city. I would love to see it but concerned about all of the traveler warnings.

    2. Thank you for heartfelt thoughts on Graceland I haven’t been inside yet but plan on it real soon. What you just said confirms that what I always ready wanted to know. Elvis and his life has been a part of my life going to Graceland can only enrich my life. Looking forward to the Meditation Gardens.Donna Walters

  4. My sister is so in love with Elvis, she wants to visit there i hope to take her to visit Graceland one day soon

    1. Yes if you loved Elvis please go while God blesses you . Elvis is truly missed and loved more than anyone person can ever imagined possible.
      James or Jamie either way

    1. It’s been awhile since I’ve been there myself. My first time was 1978 and the last time was 1986. Been wanting to go back for several years now but just can’t afford it my granddaughter said one day she’ll take me but seems that she hasn’t mentioned it about when. I have loved Elvis since I was 9yrs old and still to this day

  5. I would just love to come see all of the garden , But don,t have away to get there, I loved Elvis the very first time I seen him on t,v, I aways watch Ed his movie,s I have a lot of his records,

    1. I’m like you have no way to go, give anything to go back before I kick the bucket as they say. Loved Elvis since I 9yrs old and to this day. He’s been my guardian angel for years, all I have to do is watch or listen to him an everything is all good.

  6. Barbree hoffman

    My husband and i just toured graceland and it was a great experience.felt safe them whole timeand it was awsome to see the place elvis loved to get home to.been a fan of his a long time and my mothervsanw him when he first started touring.people who complain about prices just dont go

    1. Love Elvis and respect his family.. if you are a true Elvis fan than paying to see inside and tour his home is worth every cent.. they have to charge a fee in order to maintain and keep up with the grounds and staff and property. 🙏💕

    1. I am what you would call a super fan of my beautiful Elvis. I have visited his home several times since his death. I have to tell you this, and it’s very true. The minute you walk up to that home you literally feel the presence of Elvis. It’s a very strong and powerful feeling. I am convinced that some part of him will truly always live there. His beloved mom is laid to rest there. So is his dad and grandmother. His grandson rests there. And sadly, soon his daughter will rest there as well with Elvis. There is a memory marker for his brother there although his body is not a tually buried there. But it just makes you feel like they are all together. I believe there was and is still so much love between them there. All I can say is that the first time I visited it had the most powerful affect on me. I was in awe of his beautiful home. I enjoyed seeing the place he felt the most happy and at home. I enjoyed the tour so much that I almost forgot he was actually laid to rest there until I got to the garden at the end of my tour. I stood there at the foot of resting place I’m the rain and cried as if he hD just passed away. It was just a very powerful moment in my life that I will never forget as long as I live. Absolutely and truly has to be the absolute coolest place on planet earth. We are all so lucky that the Presley family allows us such an experience. It is worth every single cent it costs. I hope they allow people to visit him and his family’s home forever. Thank you so much for making dreams come true for those of us who truly love Elvis. ♡

      1. Jeannie Wow!! This is such a beautiful experience that you shared & a very touching tribute. I got chills reading your comment & how you felt inside the mansion. Btw, I have never felt this moved to reply to a stranger I have never met! Thank you again. Bless you. Kathy Kelly

  7. Blaine Alan Hearld

    I made reservations for the Graceland guest house,made it 3 days in advance,Drove almost 7 hours, and when I got there I started to check in and they said my name wasn’t in there,I had all the information on my phone,they blamed it on booking,I was do upset,Drov3 all that way for what!They told me that they were booked ,no more rooms. what a disappointment .I told the lady at the front if Elvis was alive He wouldn’t of like it, she was an older woman, she just nodded her head. So since we couldn’t stay there wasn’t going to go inside of Graceland either,Didn’t want to give them none of my money,So I decided to do the next best thing,leave memphis go to Arkansas and see Bob Joyce in person and go to his church and see Him,you might say whos Bob Joyce,Google Him and just listen to him sing and preach. I know that its just about making money off of Elvis at Graceland guest house, They probably don’t know a thing about the King Himself, because the lady said they were nothing they good do over there mistake, I then said well you could of least let us have free tickets to Graceland, she replied Oh, we can’t do that!Then I replied Thank ya,Thank you very much,and shocked the dust of of me on my way out!

    1. It’s unfortunate, but things happen. I have never been to Graceland, but would welcome the chance. I think in your case I would have looked for another place to stay, and would have continued with my adventure.

  8. You can park along the wall of Graceland for free . You could park in the next street adjacent to Graceland always for free

      1. I would love to really I have an Elvis fan for along time I have learned alot about Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley I have a magazine I have had for along time but I really can’t afford the cost for me and my husban66 and72 we both r not in great health is there something we could do? Maybe a lower price

  9. Does anyone know if you can buy tickets for JUST the car museum? I know my hubby would enjoy that, but not so much Graceland, and the website just tries to sell you the big packages. Thanks in advance!

  10. I have been lucky to go twice to memphis with 2dear friends we stayed at Heartbreak Hotel visited graceland and did the vip tour it was fantactic the whole stay was.the walk up in the morning waz worth it very moving everyone was so friendly.hoping to go back for Elvis 80 birthday.xsaving hard.

  11. Visitied Graceland and took the whole tour several years back. Absolutely loved it and can’t wait to go back again. I’m a super Elvis fan, some saying I’m an Elvis freak. Greatest place I have ever had the opportunity to visit and would highly recommend it to everyone.

  12. I was traveling through there but it was late in day and decided it was not worth trying to find some place to stay and go so continued on my road trip

  13. Deena Dietrich


    Elvis is not buried next to his mother. He is buried in between his fater and his grandmother. This has always bothered me because I know Elvis would want to be next to his mother. But at the time of his passing, they moved his grave and his mother’s graves from another cemetary to the meditation garden at Graceland for security reasons. And I guess because the way it is situation when his Dad died they put his dad in between Elvis and his mother. And then when his grandmother died, they put her on the other side of Elvis.

    Also, it is not really a shopping center across from Graceland, it is the visitor center with the ticket pavilion, the car museum, sincerely elvis museum, restaurants and gift shops, and the elvis radio booth.


        1. It was fine to drive there. I think there are some bad areas in the general vicinity but it didn’t feel unsafe at Graceland itself. I was able to park on the street right out front.

    1. Hi there. I’m not sure how I sign up to post or where to post but I wanted to say a few things. Graceland across the street from Graceland I should say has become a money Mecca. Just stick Elvis & Graceland all over trivial items, make a fortune and Elvis Presley Enterprises will live on forever. Elvis was a giver. He gave to people. He would burn the entire street across from Graceland down if he knew what was going on. EPE is literally stealing from Elvis’s fans. He would never have stood for that. Secondly his stillborn twin brother Jesse Garon is not buried with Elvis. He was buried in Tupelo MS in an unmarked grave due to lack of money in 1935. Elvis thought of getting a marker for him when he became famous but decided against it in order to protect Jesse’s privacy from tourists. It has since been forgotten where he was buried. He is in the Pricetown Cemetery I think? I may have that name wrong. I toured it. But Elvis is not buried with his brother. And it is sad that he’s not buried next to his mother but that’s the way it is. I highly do not recommend going across the street from Graceland. You might as well be in Utah with your wallet out on the counter. If you really want to feel Elvis go to Graceland itself. This has been my 5th from NY State, and sadly my last trip.


      2. Thank you for your post. I was so happy to come here, but after trying to buy tickets and seeing the price gouging, I’m no long impressed!! Now we are just going to walk in the garden and see the graves.

    2. I’ve been to Graceland 4 times and enjoyed every time that I went, it’s a very beautiful home and there will never be another entertainer like Elvis Presley he was and still is the greatest. I have always wondered though why since they moved botg of them to Graceland at the same time wht Elvis was not buried next to his mother, I bet he wouldn’t like that at all I bet in fact if he could get up and move beside her he would, another reason to believe that he may not be dead yet.

      1. Lynn Ann Quinn

        I agree about him still being alive yet. But we will never know if he is . It sure would be nice if he was though.

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