Quirky Attraction: The Giant Adidas Shoes in Portland, Oregon

giant adidas shoes

Giant Adidas Shoes at Adidas Village
Location: Portland, Oregon (5055 N. Greeley Ave.)
When to visit: Daylight hours
Cost: Free
Time needed: 5-10 minutes
Website: adidas.com

Wanna pose with sneakers bigger than your entire body? Head to Adidas Village in Portland, Oregon. That’s where you’ll find these giant Adidas shoes.

This is a single pair of Adidas Superstar shoes, painted white with the three familiar black stripes. They are similar to the famous Run DMC shoes (which, by the way, are on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.)

giant adidas shoes portland oregon
See the big shoes in front of the Adidas headquarters in Portland.

The giant Adidas shoes are big enough that you can sit inside them if you want. They’re about 15 feet long and were apparently created years ago for a promotion before being repurposed as a quirky roadside attraction.

adidas village big shoes

Visiting the Giant Adidas Shoes at Adidas Village

The 11-acre Adidas Village campus is the company’s North American headquarters. So it’s more of a business office than an actual store. That’s the irony – you can view the huge Superstar shoes here, but you can’t buy a pair!

The cool thing about these kicks is that they change often. The company repaints and redesigns them from time to time, so if you make return visits to Portland, you might find that the shoes look completely different next time. In the past, they’ve also been painted gold and black.

adidas village corporate headquarters

Like any good pair of footwear, these shoes have a bit of wear and tear. One shoe in particular has some cracking inside. You can easily hide this so it’s not visible in your Instagram photos.

adidas big shoes interior

There’s a parking lot on-site that includes free visitor parking, although it’s not clear whether the visitor parking is specifically for people going inside the complex, or whether folks who just want giant shoe pictures can park there as well.

I parked in the lot, walked over and took a few pics, and then went back to my car and left.

There’s a busy two-lane street right in front of the shoes, so expect that lots of nearby drivers will be watching as you make your silly poses with the shoes.

adidas superstar close up

Note: To see these giant Adidas shoes, make sure to go to exact address: 5055 N. Greeley Avenue. If you search “Adidas Portland,” you’ll be directed to the Adidas Employee Store, which is also a popular attraction, but it’s not the spot to see the big shoes!

This particular area on Greeley Avenue is a few miles north of downtown, and it’s a bit out of the way, but it does sit just off I-5, so it’s easily accessible by vehicle.

Portland also has a famous Nike outlet store, so don’t get confused between the different footwear attractions. They love their sneakers in the PDX!

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