Quirky Attraction: The Rocky Statue

rocky statue philadelphia

The Rocky Statue
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy.)
When to visit: Anytime during daylight hours
Cost: Free
Time needed to enjoy: 10-30 minutes
Website: Rocky Statue Facebook (unofficial)

I saw most of the Rocky movies when I was very young, so I confess that I don’t remember much about the films, aside from Mr. T and Hulk Hogan starring in a couple of them. When I was in Philly last year, I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to pose with the iconic statue of Sly Stallone as Rocky Balboa.

The bronze likeness of Rocky was created in 1980 by sculptor A.Thomas Schomberg and now stands outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Here he is, the Italian Stallion up close.

rocky statue close

Visiting is easy. It’s free to see the statue, and guests typically line up and take turns posing with Rocky. There are vendors nearby selling unofficial Rocky merchandise as well.

And of course, if you’re a Rocky fan, don’t just stop to pose with the statue itself. Walk over to the main entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and run up the famous Rocky steps.

philadelphia museum of art

When should you visit the Rocky statue? As with all free public attractions, use your best judgment and common sense. Coming on a weekday morning will result in a much smaller crowd than coming on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. I stopped by on a weekday morning and only found a dozen or so other tourists milling around.

rocky statue crowd

Would you want to pose with Rocky?

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