Parking Info, Hotels, and More: Your Guide to Attending a Steelers Game at Heinz Field (Acrisure Stadium)

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The pink towels flying through the air next to the usual gold ones were a strange sight, but the chants of “Here we go Steelers, here we go!” made everything feel normal.

This was my first time attending a Pittsburgh Steeler game in a few years, and the day was a celebration of the team’s rabid fans as much as it was a chance to actually witness a football game.

Pittsburgh is probably the most dedicated sports town in America. Everyone in the city bleeds black and gold. Literally. Ok, maybe not literally. I haven’t cut anyone open to verify the accuracy of that statement.

On this day, I splurged and coughed up $100 for a ticket (yep, that’s face value) to take in an October game against the Philadelphia Eagles.


Keep reading for insider tips and suggestions for where to park near Heinz Field, which hotels to stay at, and things to do near Heinz Field – sorry, Acrisure Stadium – before and after the game.

(I’ll still refer to it as Heinz Field sporadically throughout the article, since many Steelers fans still do the same.)

Also note, this advice also applies for college football games for the University of Pittsburgh. The Panthers also play at Acrisure, and fans typically use the same parking lots.

Crowds at Pitt games are often much smaller, so you can find parking for cheaper.

What’s the Best Place to Park at a Steelers Game?

With upwards of 60,000 people coming to see games in Pittsburgh, finding a spot for your vehicle can be a big challenge. Where’s the best place to park at a Steelers game? You have several parking options near Heinz Field.

1. Heinz Field Parking Lots

The first option is the stadium lots themselves. Acrisure parking rates can be upwards of $50 for a single parking space in the Gold parking lots (yikes!)

The downside is you’re paying a huge amount, but if you have a large group you can split the cost. And the benefit, of course, is that you’ll get to tailgate right next to the stadium with your 60,000 new best friends.

heinz field parking lot

Buy your parking space online when you buy your game ticket. Most ticket resellers sell both game tickets and parking passes.

2. Downtown & Nearby Parking Lots

The North Shore area surrounding Heinz Field has several lots, but you’ll pay just as much as the stadium lots.

Downtown has several garages which may be a bit cheaper. Then you’ll just have to walk across the bridge. But getting into downtown can be tricky since there will be lots of traffic.

Visit ParkPGH for real-time info on downtown parking availability for each lot.

places to park near acrisure stadium heinz field
This parking lot map can help you figure out where to park at a Steeler game. (Google)

I’ve had good luck parking at some of the private lots just west and north of the stadium (in the general vicinity of Rivers Casino) that cost in the $30-40 range and provide relatively easy access.

You can find these lots on Google Maps. Look for the parking lots with names like “Green 21” and “Green 32.”

Most folks will want to book a spot in these lots in advance (buy a parking pass online at places like However, on a recent gameday, I did notice some lots offering spots for $30 that were first-come, first-serve.

PRO TIP: If you’re coming to Acrisure Stadium from the west, down Ohio River Boulevard, I highly suggest picking a lot north of Route 65, as you’ll be able to reach the lot without having to sit in too much traffic, and after the game you’ll be able to get out quickly without having to battle pedestrian traffic. Specifically, choose either the “Green 23” or “Green 22” parking lot.

3. Street Parking at Steelers Games

Looking for free parking near Heinz Field? Local insider tips: There are two spots I always like to park. One is over in the business district of the North Side.

Look up the Giant Eagle supermarket (320 Cedar Ave.), and head that way. Do NOT park in the market lot itself, but look on the side streets in that area. You may have to go up to East Ohio Street to find something.

If you still have no luck there, head up to East North Avenue, near the National Aviary. As you go north of E. North Ave., you’ll find more street parking. But be warned… this is not one of the nicer parts of the city and crime does happen.

I’ve parked here during games, and my vehicle was fine. But it’s best to only park here during daytime games. Do not leave any valuables in your car if you park in this area.

Expect at least a 20-minute walk to the stadium from either of these spots. But it’s not a bad walk, and there will be plenty of other Steeler fans joining you.

4. Park at Station Square and Take the Gateway Clipper Shuttle Across

The Gateway Clipper shuttle takes patrons across the river from Station Square to Heinz Field.

This is really not a great option though, because you still have to fight traffic to drive all the way into the city, pay to park at Station Square, and then pay $15 roundtrip per person to take the crowded shuttle. For a larger group, it may be cheaper to just park in a lot near the stadium and split the cost.

The Gateway Clipper shuttle starts running 3 hours before the game, and continues for 1 hour after the game ends.

5. Park in the Suburbs and Take the Train or Bus

If you really hate driving downtown, take a bus or better yet, the light rail, also known as the T.

The Pittsburgh Regional Transit website used to have a page dedicated to taking the T to Steelers games, but they inexplicably deleted the page. For now, you can check their general schedule info page and look under “Rail Schedules.”

The T stops right at the stadium, so it’s super easy to park in one of the southern suburbs, such as Dormont or Castle Shannon, and take the light rail train to and from the game. This is your most cost-effective method, as it’s only a few bucks each way.

6. Leave the Car at Your Hotel!

The easiest solution for the parking at Steelers games problem is to get a hotel downtown or on the North Shore. Then you can leave your vehicle there and walk right to the game!

What are the best hotels near Heinz Field? See the next section below for some great options.

Note that this Steeler parking advice also applies to Pittsburgh Pirates games, since PNC Park is right next to Heinz Field. Parking lots are cheaper for Pirates games but you’ll still be paying quite a bit and dealing with traffic.

acrisure stadium steeler game

Hotels Near Heinz Field and PNC Park

Upscale hotels: The Hyatt Place and Residence Inn by Marriott are the two closest hotels to the stadium. Both are pricey, but if you want the convenience of being right to Heinz Field, this is where you want to be. Book early because they will fill up on game weekends!

Inns and boutique properties: Also close to the stadium is the Priory Hotel, a Victorian mansion with nine rooms. Other highly-ranked boutique options in the area include the Parador Inn and the Allegheny Inn.

Budget lodging: If you want something cheap on a Steeler game weekend, your options are limited. There aren’t a lot of options on the North Side. If you move further away from the stadium area to a place like Hampton Inn in the university neighborhood of Oakland. Or the Holiday Inn Express on the South Side.

Or try Airbnb to stay with a local host. Pittsburgh does not currently have any hostels.

Click to search to see availability and price compare for all hotels and inns in Pittsburgh.

Tailgating at Steeler and Panther Games

Unless the weather is hideous, most fans arrive a couple hours early and hang out in the parking lot to tailgate. They bring snacks and alcohol and get to know their neighbors. Sometimes they even throw a football around.

tailgating parking lots

Technically, it may not be legal to drink alcohol outdoors in public in Pittsburgh, but in these private parking lots, plenty of people do tailgate and drink with no issues.

The police will even walk right past and ignore the drinking in the lots, as long as the tailgaters are responsible and not causing a ruckus. Law enforcement officers have better things to do than worry about someone sipping a Coors Light before kickoff.

Do any of the parking lots near Heinz Field have bathrooms? Yes, they do, actually. Most of the paid lots have a handful of port a potties for tailgaters to use. They are not particularly clean or pleasant to use, but they get the job done in an emergency.

I recently attended a game against the Jets (which turned out to be Kenny Pickett’s NFL debut!) That day, we parked in Green 23, and I noticed a glorified golf cart that was offering rides from the parking lot to the stadium for $10 per person.

Keep an eye open overhead. You may see the famous Goodyear Blimp drifting past before and during the game!

Food Options Inside Acrisure Stadium

What kind of food do they serve inside Acrisure Stadium? Most of the food booths offer the typical sporting event fare, such as pizza, nachos, and hot dogs.

Everything is quite expensive. A hot dog is nearly $8, while fries are more than $10. A beer costs more than $9, and a small Gatorade is more than $6. Credit cards and cash are accepted.

If you want to try foods that are a little more “Pittsburgh,” you have a few options. There’s a Quaker Steak & Lube in the stadium which sells the store’s famous wings.

And there’s a Primanti Bros. sandwich shop which serves up those iconic sandwiches with cole slaw and french fries on the sandwich.

Personally, I like to go for another Pittsburgh food, the pierogis! Near section 116, find the Pittsburgh Pierogi House and get yourself an order of 6 potato-filled pierogis, topped with sauerkraut, bacon, and sour cream. They are delicious!

pierogis steeler game

Things To Do Near Heinz Field and PNC Park

Souvenir Shops: Look for popup shops around the perimeter of the stadium selling official team merchandise, such as Terrible Towels, jerseys, hats, and shirts.

Bars and restaurants: The North Shore has a lot of popular bars and restaurants where Steelers fans hang out before, during, and after the game. Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse along the river is a good bet, though it may be hard to get in on game days.

Tequila Cowboy and Bar Louie are also popular. Just walk around and you’ll find plenty of sports bars in the area.

warhol museum things to do near heinz field

Andy Warhol Museum: Want some culture with your sports? Stop in to the largest museum dedicated to a single artist in the world to see the quirky art created by Andy, a Pittsburgh icon.

National Aviary: Birds, birds, birds. See them all here. Flamingos, penguins, parrots, bald eagles, toucans, owls, and more. The aviary is open 10 to 5 daily, so you can sneak in there on Sunday before the football madness starts.

Rivers Casino: Got a few extra bucks to gamble? Head to Rivers and try to hit it big on the slots or at the card table. They usually have promotions for new members, so be sure to ask.

Carnegie Science Center: If you’re coming with kids, you may want to visit the Carnegie Science Center before the game. Blow their minds with the interactive educational exhibits.

Ride the Inclines: If you’re willing to walk or Uber over to Station Square, you can ride the famous incline cars up to the top of Mount Washington, where you’ll get the very best views of the city.

Game Report From My Heinz Field / Acrisure Visit

How was the game itself? A blast, as always. Being a stadium full of people waving towels and screaming at the top of their lungs is always a fun life experience.

There were a decent number of Eagles fans in attendance. Given the intense atmosphere, I expected some ugly scenes between Steelers and Eagles fans, but it was mostly good-natured teasing.

Except for one incident, where some Steeler fan threw a beer at an Eagles fan sitting several rows in front of him. For a minute, I expected a skirmish to break out between the different factions, but instead, all the Steeler fans yelled for security and pointed out the bum who threw the drink, then cheered as he was ejected. I was impressed by everyone’s willingness to cross party lines to identify the culprit.

Let’s play Where’s Waldo. I spotted at least 7 green Eagles jerseys among the departing crowds. How many can you find?


The Steeler fan base first embraced the Terrible Towel in the 1970s, and it has remained the signature characteristic of true fandom – if you’re not screaming and recklessly waving your towel around when the club makes a big defensive play, you’re not doing your job.


Those pink towels? They were a special promotional giveaway in honor of breast cancer awareness.


Normally you would never see NFL players wearing pink wristbands and shoes, nor see yinzer fans proudly waving pink garb, but concern about breast cancer has a way of making even the most macho dudes join the pink club.

The view of Pittsburgh’s winning skyline from the upper deck:


The game itself was not a work of art. The Steelers did that thing they do where they played down the level of opposition and needed a late fourth quarter defensive stand and a last-second field goal to win. Victory goes to the Stillers!

I was fascinated by watching the players on the sidelines during and after the game, since you don’t normally see that part on television. At game’s end, a prayer circle formed at midfield.


The weather was also crummy, cold and rainy, which necessitated some creative fashion decisions. Don’t hate on the elf hat.

where to park at a steeler game

Heinz Field is actually a beautiful sight when it’s empty.


So is the skyline as seen through a transparent Steeler banner.


Leaving Acrisure Stadium, the funniest thing was seeing all the evidence left behind by the tailgaters. I guess it wasn’t so funny for the people who had to clean it up.

But they’ve had four decades to get used to that post-game reality, so don’t feel sorry for them. I just hope those bottles and cans got recycled.


PITTSBURGH TOUR IDEAS: Viator has some cool Pittsburgh tours, such as the Black & Ghost Tour, a ghost tour around the city; and a Bike the Burgh bicycle tour. For additional recommended group tour ideas for Pittsburgh visitors click here.

Do you have any more tips for attending a Steelers game at Heinz Field, aka Acrisure Stadium?