33 Quirky and Fun Things To See and Do in Palm Springs (2024)

fun quirky palm springs activities

Looking for the best things to do in Palm Springs, California? When people think of Palm Springs, they often imagine the luxurious resorts, upscale restaurants, celebrity culture, and desert scenery.

But the Palm Springs area has a quirky and offbeat side too, which comes out in fun and unpredictable ways. Such as a giant robot light display. Unusual public art. And entire museums dedicated to bananas and crochet!

Many of Palm Springs’ most unique things to do involve celebrity history, which is no surprise since the city has been a popular vacation spot for Hollywood stars since the 1950s.

Did you know that you can tour Elvis Presley’s former house? Or stop by the cabaret lounge where Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin used to perform?

what to do in palm springs - marilyn monroe mural
Visiting the Marilyn Monroe mural is one of many cool things to do in Palm Springs.

If you’re looking for fun Palm Springs activities, ideas that are a bit quirky or unique, you’ll find plenty of suggestions here.

And while Palm Springs can be an adult’s paradise, some travelers find themselves in the city with children. Scroll down to read about some of the best things to do in Palm Springs!

This list features some of the quirkiest Palm Springs attractions for tourists that will make your Instagram explode, as well as several activities outside the city limits that are worth driving to, such as Joshua Tree and Pioneertown.


33 Quirky and Fun Things To See and Do: Palm Springs Activities

Check Out the Palm Springs Walk of Stars

palm springs tourist attractions - walk of stars

If you spend any time at all in the heart of downtown, you’ll spot the Walk of Stars along the sidewalk honoring prominent Palm Springs residents and frequent visitors.

Honorees range from Medal of Honor recipients and U.S. presidents (Reagan, Ford, Eisenhower) to some of the biggest names in show business – Elvis, Bob Hope, Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor, and many more. Find your favorites in the cement!

See the Giant Faceless Babies

bar code babies art - quirky palm springs

Nothing strange to see here… just a group of eight-foot-tall faceless baby sculptures crawling around a vacant dirt lot!

Created by artist David Cerny, the babies have bar codes in place of their faces, as a comment on consumerism and dehumanization. Even the artist’s PR agency admits they are “fascinating and disturbing at the same time.”

UPDATE: The babies were always intended to be a temporary exhibit, and last year most of them were finally removed and transported to Mexico. However, one of the babies is still in Palm Springs! You can find it atop the ledge of the Kimpton Rowan Hotel, a half-block from the old spot.

faceless baby palm springs hotel
One faceless baby sculpture still remains in Palm Springs!

Ride the Aerial Tramway

Behold the largest rotating tramway in the world! Topping the list of must-do Palm Springs activities is the Aerial Tramway, which carries visitors from the desert floor up to an Alpine forest at an elevation of more than 8500 feet.

palm springs aerial tramway
Summiting the mountain via the tramway is easily one of the coolest Palm Springs attractions!

The slow, ten-minute ride gives visitors a chance to take in the Coachella Valley from above. Temperatures can be as much as 40 degrees colder at the top.

Who would’ve thought that a visit to Palm Springs required a warm jacket? Get your tram ticket here.

Take a Selfie with Sonny Bono

sonny bono statue - unique things to do

Sonny Bono made quite a career for himself, moving from musical fame as part of Sonny & Cher to becoming a California state congressman and mayor of Palm Springs.

There’s a bust of Sonny tucked behind the escalators at the Palm Springs airport, and there’s a lifesize statue on the sidewalk on Palm Canyon Drive, right in the heart of the walkable business district.

Stop By the Welcome Sign

palm springs welcome sign

As Palm Springs attractions go, the welcome sign is an absolute must see! The Palm Springs welcome sign on N. Palm Canyon Drive is the perfect spot to take a scenic photo by which to remember your trip.

The white “Palm Springs” sign stands behind a patch of flowering shrubs and in front of palm trees, with the San Jacinto Mountains serving as an imposing backdrop.

You can’t visit this city without getting a pic with the sign! Park at the visitor center just around the corner, and walk over to the sign for your pics.

Look Up Marilyn Monroe’s Dress

what to do in palm springs - marilyn monroe statue

The “Forever Marilyn” statue was designed by J. Seward Johnson, the same guy who did the iconic statue of the kissing Navy sailor and nurse in San Diego. and a sculpture garden in Hamilton County, Indiana.

The pose recreates a famous scene from Marilyn’s 1955 film The Seven Year Itch where her dress was blown around by the wind.

The steel and aluminum statue stands 26 feet tall. And of course, there’s nothing to see under her dress (get those thoughts out of your head!) You can find the Marilyn Monroe statue on Museum Way, near the Palm Springs Art Museum.

Tour the Windmill Farm

windmill farm tour - palm springs activities
Touring the windmill farm is a great Palm Springs activity for visitors!

The San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm consists of thousands of windmills located in one of the windiest parts of California. The turbines produce enough electricity to power all of the Coachella Valley, and you’ll see them as you drive around the region.

Visitors can get an up-close look to see how these windmills work on a two-hour self-driving tour into the farm. Stop into the office, watch the introductory video, pick up a map from the guide, and be on your way!

I took this tour recently and was excited to see a small collection of windmills from throughout history. You’ll never see windmills from a closer distance than this! Book the windmill tour here.

Tour Celebrity Homes by Bus

See where icons like Liberace and Marilyn Monroe once lived on a celebrity home bus tour! Most Palm Springs houses are very accessible, so the shuttle bus can drive right to the front door.

The tour doesn’t follow the exact route each time, so there’s some variety in the homes you may see, and the guide even takes requests.

liberace house celebrity home tours palm springs
Liberace owned this house for 15 years, and now it can be part of your Palm Springs sightseeing experience!

When I took the tour, we got to see the current or former dwellings of stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Bob Hope, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nat King Cole, Barbra Streisand, Dean Martin, Liz Taylor, Dinah Shore, and a few dozen others.

The celebrity home tour that I took no longer exists, but there are similar tours available, such as the Legends & Icon Tour, which includes the Walk of Stars, historic landmarks, Hollywood movie locations, and celebrity homes.

Take in a Show at The Purple Room Supper Club

purple room supper club - palm springs activities

See a live cabaret or jazz performance in the cozy restaurant where Rat Pack icons Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. used to perform decades ago.

You’ll feel immersed in Palm Springs history as you see the black and white photos on the walls of Elvis and the other celebs who frequented this place back in the day.

Both the live music and the food are really good, which explains why the Purple Room remains a popular attraction for locals and tourists.

Tour Elvis Presley’s Old House

elvis presley house tour palm springs

Speaking of Elvis, you can tour the King’s former Palm Springs home! Known as “The Robert Alexander Estate,” “The House of Tomorrow,” or “The Honeymoon Hideaway,” the mid-century modern home at 1350 Ladera Circle is where Elvis and Priscilla spent their honeymoon. Elvis leased the house for a year from 1966-67.

Update: The house was sold recently, and it appears that the new owners have discontinued the tours. So unfortunately, the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway is a Palm Springs tourist attraction that is currently inaccessible. You can still drive past and get exterior photos.

Get Your Wings in Downtown Palm Springs

wings mural - cool things to do in palm springs

In the plaza near the Rowan Palm Springs Hotel, you can find a few quirky art pieces. One is this wings mural by Colette Miller.

Wings have become a popular art subject in many cities around the country. I really like the Palm Springs wings because of their large size and the vibrant rainbow colors.

Right next to the wings mural is a sculpture called Isabelle, by artist Julian Voss-Andreae. It’s a unique piece that changes appearance based on the angle you’re viewing it from. And at night, it’s illuminated with very cool lighting.

isabelle - unique palm springs attractions
Isabelle is one of the more unique Palm Springs attractions.

Have a Cocktail at the Airplane-Themed Bar

air bar palm springs

It’s called Air Bar, and the whole thing has an airplane theme. The servers dress as flight attendants, and the seats come straight from an actual plane!

The cocktails even have airplane-shaped ice cubes in them. And they play videos like Lenny Kravitz’s “Fly Away” and Foo Fighters’ “Big Me,” which has an airplane setting. Kudos to Air Bar for giving 100% commitment to the theme.

Make a reservation, since this quirky bar does get crowded. You can’t have more than 6 people in a group, unless you want to sit separately.

Visit the Kooky Robolights Display

The strange and unusual art installation known as RoboLights is the work of one man. Kenny Irwin Jr. created the light show 30 years ago at his home.

It has grown into a prominent tourist attraction, especially during the Christmas season, when visitors come to see the 8 million lights that adorn the four-acre property.

robolights - cool palm springs attractions
Part of the Robolights art installation, as seen during a bus ride.

The elaborate displays at RoboLights aren’t all Christmas themed – they also feature robots, plastic aliens, and pieces of electronic equipment repurposed into new shapes and structures.

RoboLights has limited visitation hours, but even if you come when it’s closed, you can still see many of the massive displays from outside the property. A trip to RoboLights is definitely one of the most unique Palm Springs activities!

Stop in to the Palm Springs Art Museum

palm springs activities - art museum

Art museums can be pretty stuffy at times, but the Palm Springs Art Museum has lots of cool stuff. Especially in its modern art and contemporary glass sections.

Seeing the ways glass can be formed into familiar shapes and accented with colors is impressive. This 150,000 square foot museum also has an outdoor sculpture garden.

car hanging in air - palm springs activities

Make sure to look for art installations outside the museum. Currently, there’s a 1968 Chevy Malibu hanging in midair just across the street from the museum.

It’s a piece called History of Suspended Time by Gonzalo Lebrija. The car is suspended above a pool of water 40 feet in diameter.

See Desert Tortoises and Cacti at the Moorten Botanical Garden

moorten botanical garden cactus desert tortoise

For only five bucks, you can stroll through the Moorten Botanical Garden, which houses roughly 3000 cacti from the U.S., Latin America, and Africa.

Some of the cactus varieties tower over visitors, while others are tiny and rest inside a “cactarium” greenhouse. The garden also provides a rare chance to see several desert tortoises up close!

Get a Good Look at the Graffiti Yard

graffiti yard palm springs activities

Looking for Palm Springs attractions that are a little more gritty and unique? Try the Graffiti Yard, located at Museum Way and Belardo Road.

You’ll see garbage cans, walls, and concrete blocks adorned with colorful street art.

Don’t be misled by the name. The graffiti here isn’t vandalism – it was commissioned by the Palm Springs Public Arts Commission. It’s within short walking distance of the Marilyn Monroe statue and the art museum.

Experience the Weekly Village Fest Event


What are some cool things to do at night in Palm Springs? Mostly, it’s your typical nightlife: bars, restaurants, movies, theater.

Beyond that, one of the major evening events in the city is the Thursday night Village Fest event.

It’s a street fair with food trucks and local vendors selling gifts, clothes, artwork, and such. Village Fest is a great chance to see the artsy and cultural side of Palm Springs and take home some quirky souvenirs.

See a Volkswagen Beetle Turned Into a Giant Spider

volkswagen beetle spider

If you’re heading north of the city to the windmill farm or Cabazon Dinosaurs, keep your eyes peeled for a sign on the side of the road for “Hole in the Wall Welding.”

The shop may have gone out of business, but the sign remains, along with a giant spider that uses a VW Volkswagen Beetle as its body.

How did they get the VW up there? And what on earth compelled them to do that? These are some of the unanswered questions surrounding this awesomely quirky and unique Palm Springs attraction.

Marvel at Some of the Fancy Hotels

saguaro palm springs rainbow balconies

Palm Springs sightseeing even extends to the hotels! Palm Springs has loads of fun hotels, and many of them are fascinating from an architectural perspective.

Parker Palm Springs has a strikingly Instagrammable white cement wall at its entrance. Saguaro Palm Springs (above) has eye-popping colorful balconies. You can get cool photos at both locations without even staying there.

The Sakura is a bed and breakfast styled entirely in a Japanese vibe. And the boutique property called the Hotel California offers a chance to get a cool picture in front of the welcome sign.

Share it on social media and wait until someone inevitably makes a “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave” joke.

See Historic Aircraft at the Palm Springs Air Museum

The airport has some fun activities too! Located right at Palm Springs International Airport, the Air Museum features a large display of historic aircraft.

The exhibits include one of the world’s largest collections of flyable aircraft from World War II and the Korean and Vietnam wars, such as the vintage Warbird plane. Ride in an F-16 simulator and see historic photos and exhibits from American aviation history!

Enjoy a Date Shake

Aside from its creative and upscale restaurants, what kind of food is Palm Springs known for? One of the region’s main crops is the date.

Dates were brought to this area from Africa and the Middle East in the 1800s, on the assumption that they would grow just as well in the Coachella Valley as they do in other deserts around the world.

date shake hadley milkshake

Date milkshakes are common in Palm Springs area, at places like Hadley Fruit Orchards. The sweet, dried fruits are chopped into tiny pieces and swirled throughout the shake, giving the ice cream beverage a mild and pleasant flavor.

A date shake is a great activity in Palm Springs with kids, and a good way to have a fun culinary treat and get a taste of the local flavor. You can find them at virtually every ice cream shop around town.

Sit Next to Lucille Ball

lucille ball statue - cool things to do in palm springs

Across from Starbucks, you’ll find the bronze life-size likeness of comedy legend Lucille Ball. The “I Love Lucy” star is taking up an entire park bench, but there’s room to cozy up next to her for a photo.

Lucille had a couple homes in Palm Springs over the years and is considered one of the area’s most famous celebrity residents.

The Lucy bench is another of the best Palm Springs attractions. She’s on the corner of N. Palm Canyon Drive and E. Tahquitz Canyon Way, in front of Out West Trading.

Drive Past the Nudist Bridge

Palm Springs got the world’s first nude pedestrian bridge (also known as “The Bridge of Thighs”) in 2003. It was constructed to connect two sides of a nudist resort that are separated by a busy road.

nude pedestrian bridge - palm springs sightseeing

Now, guests at the resort can waltz across the overpass without having to throw on a towel or swimsuit.

You can’t walk on the bridge (or see anybody else walking on it) unless you’re actually inside the resort.

The best you can do as an outsider is walk beneath the overpass and let your imagination run wild about who might be walking above you! Find it at 1555 North Indian Canyon Drive.

Palm Springs Attractions Outside The City Limits That Are Worth Driving To

Climb Inside a T-Rex at Cabazon Dinosaurs

cabazon dinosaurs - best things to do in palm springs with kids
The Cabazon Dinosaurs are an essential Palm Springs sightseeing experience.

As Palm Springs tourist attractions go, the Cabazon Dinosaur Museum is one of the strangest, in a good way. Experience 50 lifelike dinosaurs, including a giant T-Rex that you can climb up inside and look out its mouth!

You may recognize the large dinosaur statues from their many media appearances over the years, such as the Pee Wee’s Big Adventure movie and the “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” video by Tears for Fears.

Give yourself 30-60 minutes to walk around the grounds and look at the dinosaur statues up close.

Head to the Crochet Museum

best things to do in palm springs - crochet museum

Here’s another one that’s a bit of a drive from Palm Springs, but it’s worth including because it’s so awesomely quirky.

The “World-Famous Crochet Museum” occupies a former Fotomat kiosk in the town of Joshua Tree, very near the national park.

This tiny museum displays hundreds of crochet animals and characters, collected over many years by local resident Shari Elf.

Step inside and surround yourself with more quilted creatures than you can possibly imagine. It’s free, but donations are accepted. What a fun, offbeat attraction!

Conquer the Hall of Horrors in Joshua Tree NP

hall of horrors - cool things to do in palm springs

My favorite offbeat and unique activity in Joshua Tree National Park is the Hall of Horrors. A short hike will take you to a section of very narrow slot canyons where you can barely squeeze through and take some cool pics.

Don’t worry – most of the canyon is wide enough to walk through comfortably. It’s just this small section that gets really narrow.

The national park is less than an hour from downtown Palm Springs, so don’t pass up the chance to visit!

If you’re heading to Joshua Tree, check out my one-day Joshua Tree National Park guide. Or purchase Viator’s Self-Driving Audio Tour, which provides maps and narration as you drive around the park.

Go Back in Time at Pioneertown

pioneertown california - palm springs attractions

Here’s a place that could only exist in southern California. Pioneertown was created in 1946 for use as a movie set.

It was believed that the Old West-style town would be a perfect setting for film scenes. Old wooden buildings line a walkable dirt road, giving the feel of an old pioneer settlement.

Pioneertown is still used for filming sometimes, but it has turned into an actual town, with fun gift shops, restaurants, music venues, and bars worth.

It’s popular among locals and tourists, and it’s only a 40-minute drive from Palm Springs, so add it to your itinerary!

Pay Your Respects at the Graves of Frank Sinatra and Sonny Bono

sonny bono frank sinatra grave sites

Frank Sinatra was larger than life during his six-decade career, yet his grave is remarkably understated. The same is true of Sonny Bono.

Both men were laid to rest in Desert Memorial Park in Cathedral City, a short drive from the airport.

Their actual graves are difficult to locate because they’re quite small, the same size as everyone else in the cemetery.

You’ll never find them in this large park without knowing exactly where to look, so here goes: Sinatra lies in section B-8, grave #151. Bono can be found in plot B-35, grave #294.

See the LGBT Veterans Memorial

LGBT veterans memorial desert memrorial park

Also in Desert Memorial Park sits what is believed to be the world’s first LGBT Veterans Memorial.

Even though gay Americans couldn’t serve openly in the Armed Forces until 2010, this memorial was dedicated back in 2001, in recognition of those who had quietly served their country over the years.

The understated memorial is composed of an obelisk with an eagle and an inscription explaining the importance of their service. For more about LGBT life in the city, check out this extensive guide to gay Palm Springs.

Visit the International Banana Museum

An entire museum dedicated to the banana! This is an off-the-beaten-path attraction if I’ve ever seen one.

Try all sorts of banana-flavored treats, and browse the collection of banana plush toys, mugs, clothing, key chains, and other gifts. If it exists, and it’s banana-related, it’s probably here.

The Banana Museum is located in the town of Mecca about 40 miles outside Palm Springs. Despite the distance, it appears on this list because it’s one of the most unique things to do in the entire Coachella Valley.

The Banana Museum has very limited hours – open 1 to 5 pm four days week, and sometimes even those hours are shortened – so call ahead before visiting.

Encounter Desert Wildlife at the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

The Living Desert in Palm Desert is a botanical garden and zoo that holds appeal for folks of all ages. You can feed giraffes, ride camels, pet goats, and see animals of all types.

Since they’re used to living in such a hot climate, you’ll find lots of African animals here. Look for the giraffes, hyenas, wild dogs, cheetahs, leopards, pythons, zebras, meerkats, warthogs, and desert bighorn sheep.

See Outdoor Art at the Glass Outhouse Gallery

twentynine palms glass outhouse attractions

If you’re near the town of Twentynine Palms, the Glass Outhouse Gallery is a must-visit. This place has all sorts of kooky art, from skeletons lifting weights to aluminum dragons to giant Pepsi cans.

The sights here are awesome. Your Instagram followers will thank you for visiting and posting pics from here!

Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert

The interactive Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert in Rancho Mirage offers more than 100 exhibits and experiences, many of which have a unique desert feel.

There’s a tortoise habitat, a music garden, a room of oversized games, and an outdoor trike-riding track.

Other Unique Things To See in Palm Springs

bighorn sheep statue airport

Those who are truly into quirky attractions will find even more delights in Palm Springs if they dig hard enough. For instance, country singer Gene Autry has a statue very near the airport, across from Walmart.

The Works Floor & Wall store on S. Gene Autry Trail has a giant Rubik’s Cube made out of floor tiles out on its sidewalk.

There’s a large Marilyn Monroe photo on the wall next to Lulu California Bistro. And don’t miss the bighorn sheep statue at the airport.

street sign arrow

There’s a pink cow statue near the On the Mark grocery store. Not far from there stands a goofy intersection street sign with arrows pointing to the Louvre and quotes from artists like Keith Haring and Andy Warhol.

There are just so many silly and unique attractions in Palm Springs to see!

Hopefully this post gives you a few good ideas for what to do in Palm Springs. Do you have any other suggestions for fun and cool Palm Springs activities? Leave a comment and let me know!

My visit to Palm Springs was made possible by Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels.

Quirky and Cool Activities in Palm Springs