Things To Do in Capitol Hill, Seattle: A Local’s Guide

Seattle is a city with a lot of fun neighborhoods, and Capitol Hill is one of the coolest!

From bars and restaurants to independent book and record stores to public parks to LGBTQ clubs, the Capitol Hill neighborhood is one of the busiest areas of Seattle, at all hours of the day.

I’ve been living on Capitol Hill for the past few years and can offer a local’s perspective on what to do and where to go if you’re visiting the neighborhood.

comet lost lake seattle

This list will be heavy on eateries, because there are just so many restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and ice cream shops in Capitol Hill.

But I’ve also included plenty of independent local shops, music and theater venues, karaoke spots, public parks, and museums.

Let’s run down my personal list of the best things to do in Capitol Hill, Seattle!

Map of Things To Do in Capitol Hill:

A Few Brief Facts About Capitol Hill

Before we get into the activity suggestions, some quick background info for context:

-Capitol Hill was originally called Broadway Hill, after its main street, but was changed in the early 1900s.

No one’s entirely sure why, but the story is that a real estate developer wanted to convince the state to move its capitol here from Olympia. It’s also claimed that his wife modeled the area after the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver.

-Capitol Hill, Seattle is not related in any way to the same-named section of Washington DC near the White House and government buildings.

welcome sign - things to do in capitol hill

-Capitol Hill is one of densest areas in the city, with lots of six-story apartment buildings (that’s the maximum height allowed by law in this neighborhood.)

-Parking here is very difficult. You should definitely come here by bus (take the 2, 8, 10, 11, 12, or 60) or light rail (use the Capitol Hill station.)

-Long-time Seattle residents refer to Capitol Hill as “The Hill,” while transplants mostly use the “Cap Hill” nickname.

“Cap Hill” is steadily taking over as the most-used nickname – and understandably so. “The Hill” makes no sense as a nickname in a city with lots of other hills, including Beacon Hill and Queen Anne.

-For many years, Capitol Hill was known as the home for punks, Bohemians, and other alternative types. Though those folks still frequent the area, it’s gentrified a lot, so now you’re just as likely to encounter a Microsoft employee as a punk.

-The Pike and Pine corridor is the heart of Capitol Hill. Walk those two streets if you want a quick taste of the neighborhood. Broadway and 15th Ave E. also have vibrant business districts.

-Capitol Hill remains the LGBTQ center of the city. Cal Anderson Park was named after the first openly gay member of the Washington state legislature, who served from 1987 to 1995.

-Capitol Hill is a relatively safe neighborhood by modern urban standards. The area is busy at all times of day, so you can walk around at night. It does have some crime, particularly property crime like car break-ins, so take the normal precautions you’d take in any big city.

The Top 10 Essential Capitol Hill Experiences

Volunteer Park

volunteer park capitol hill
A Shakespeare in the Park performance at Volunteer Park.

The biggest park in Capitol Hill, Volunteer Park has tennis courts, plenty of trails and roads for walking and running, and large lawn space for picnics, frisbee, and volleyball.

There’s a stage for live concerts and theater performances (Shakespeare in the Park!), plus a museum and a conservatory, which are listed separately below.

Seattle Asian Art Museum

One of the highlights of Volunteer Park is the Seattle Asian Art Museum, which re-opened recently after a long renovation.

The museum holds paintings, sculptures, and other visual art from all corners of Asia. Note that it’s only open from Wednesday through Sunday.

Elliott Bay Book Company

The biggest bookstore in the neighborhood, Elliott Bay Book Company is an old-school bookstore that has been going strong since 1973.

Their online store features more than 12 million items, and their physical location has thousands of books of all types. The vibe is like Barnes & Noble, but without the corporate blandness.

Seattle Coffee Culture Tour

Seattle is known for its coffee. Spend a couple hours checking out some of the city’s most interesting coffee shops on the Seattle Coffee Culture Guided Tour.

The tour meets at the Jimi Hendrix statue and hits up a few different Capitol Hill coffee shops, providing historic info along the way.

Rock Box Karaoke

rock box karaoke

Rock Box is the place to go with friends to sing karaoke in private rooms. They have large rooms for groups of a dozen or more people, and smaller rooms appropriate for just a few people.

Rock Box has a large collection of songs and updates its playlists with new songs every month. They have a menu of booze and Japanese-inspired appetizers, so you can sip a Sake Sangria while belting out “I Want it That Way.”

Starbucks Reserve Roastery

starbucks reserve - capitol hill seattle
A chocolate espresso cocktail at Starbucks Reserve.

This isn’t just any old Starbucks. The Reserve Roastery features storage silos and roasters where guests can see the coffee beans being roasted.

More notably, the place has a menu of pizza, salads, and pastries, plus a mixology bar. That’s right, alcohol at Starbucks! The Espresso Martini and the Cold Brew Spiced Rum are pretty incredible.

Molly Moon’s Ice Cream

molly moon's ice cream

The best of the hill’s many ice cream spots is Molly Moon’s, which rotates rich and wondrous flavors like churro, strawberry shortcake, Girl Scout mint, mocha chip, and vegan brownie batter. Grab a waffle cone and do some people-watching across the street in Cal Anderson Park.

Worth noting: Molly Moon’s does not allow tipping – instead, they pride themselves on paying employees a living wage, which is pretty cool.

Jimi Hendrix Statue

hendrix statue seattle

“Purple Haze” performer Jimi Hendrix was a native of the Pacific Northwest, and he’s honored with a cool statue on Broadway in front of the Blick Art store.

Hendrix is depicted on his knees, soaking in the moment as he wails on his instrument. Stop by and get a selfie with the all-time guitar god.

Lost Lake Diner

lost lake diner

Lost Lake is not the best restaurant in Capitol Hill, but everyone goes there, because it opens early, closes late, is conveniently located, and has an extensive menu of hearty breakfast and dinner plates.

This old-school diner is no longer 24 hours, but it’s still open until 3 am on weekends and gets busy during brunch time.

Choose Your Own Dive Bar Adventure

sam's tavern - capitol hill dive bars
Sam’s Tavern, one of the best dive bars in Capitol Hill Seattle.

Though Capitol Hill now has a bunch of fancy, modern bars, some of the dive bars from the hood’s earlier days remain.

Sam’s Tavern is a great one. The bar has a solid burger menu, and just the right amount of dive-y vibes, with dollar bills taped to the walls and moose horns on the ceiling.

Other options for a similar experience include Comet Tavern and Linda’s Tavern. Linda’s was one of Kurt Cobain’s go-to spots, and was actually the last place he was seen alive.

linda's tavern seattle

Other Things To Do in Capitol Hill, Seattle

Public Parks

Cal Anderson Park

cal anderson park
Cal Anderson Park during a rare winter storm.

The best people watching is at Cal Anderson, a small park in the heart of Cap Hill. The park has a turf field, which is always being used for soccer, softball, kickball, or cricket games.

The other end of the park has a field appropriate for reading, sunbathing, or volleyball (for those who bring their own net.)

The Volunteer Park Conservatory

Located inside Volunteer Park, the conservatory is open 10 am to 4 pm everyday except Monday. It’s small compared to similar places in other cities, but the greenhouse still has a wide selection of plants from around the world.

You’ll see cacti, orchids, ferns, pineapple trees, and seasonal flowers such as lilies, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, azaleas, poinsettias, and more.

Lake View Cemetery

Tourists sometimes stop by Lake View to see the graves of martial arts legends and actors Bruce Lee and his son Brandon Lee. They were laid to rest next to each other with prominent headstones.

Interlaken Park

The only real hiking opportunity in Capitol Hill is at Interlaken Park, which has a 1-mile loop hike through a forested hillside.

The park is a nice option for escaping the hustle and bustle of the neighborhood on a relatively uncrowded trail.


Seattle Neighborhoods Tour

Here’s an interesting way to get to know the city. Guided by a local resident, the Seattle Neighborhoods Tour starts in Cap Hill and spends some time exploring the area before proceeding to Columbia City, Beacon Hill, and Georgetown. It’s a good way to get to know Seattle. See tour pricing and availability here.

For more options across the city, see our complete list of Seattle tours, including food tours, hiking tours, and boating tours.


In addition to places already mentioned like Elliott Bay Books, here are some other stores in the neighborhood worth visiting.

Capitol Thrill

capitol thrill store seattle

I love Capitol Thrill. It’s part gift shop, part clothing store, part community cheerleader, selling fun, Seattle-themed objects.

The store has a little bit of everything: clothing, games, books, hats, candles, pins, bags, novelty gifts, and other trinkets. I’ve bought t-shirts, picnic blankets, socks, greeting cards, and stickers here.

Retrofit Home

Retrofit is a locally-owned home furnishing and art store. Even if you’re not in the market for a new couch, this place always has fun things to hang on your wall – photos of Seattle, paintings designed to look like graffiti, and funky art pieces.


Get collectible toys, movie and cartoon-related apparel, and hard-to-find shoes at BAIT at 915 E Pike St. Here you’ll find everything from Yu-Gi-Oh! action figures to Astro Boy skateboards to Homer Simpson Adidas shoes.


Glasswing is a female-owned, Asian-owned store featuring a variety of things that young adults need: men’s and women’s clothing, gifts, and plants. Get yourself a high-end sweater and a philodendron hanging pot at the same time.

Wall of Sound

For more than three decades, Wall of Sound has offered current and music in vinyl and CD format. They specialize in eclectic and out-of-the-mainstream sounds.

Throwbacks Northwest

Here’s a unique store dedicated to vintage sports wear. At Throwbacks Northwest, you can find vintage Mariners and Seahawks gear, plus old band and movie t-shirts.

Crossroads Trading

Cap Hill used to have a ton of great thrift stores, but those days are no more. Your best bet for finding good second-hand clothes is at Crossroads, which has men’s and women’s attire at decent prices.

Neko Cat Café

The “pawpular” café Neko serves wine, coffee, and cat-shaped donuts and cookies, but it’s not an eatery as much as it’s a place to play with kittens.

The café has a collection of cats that are up for adoption, and you can reserve time to snuggle with them. What a unique experience!

Other shops to consider: Twice Sold Tales (used books), Out of the Closet (clothing & furniture thrift store), Standard Goods (trendy clothing), Freeman (classic menswear), Revival (locally-made women’s clothing and goods), Station 7 (gifts, jewelry, crafts)



neumos seattle capitol hill

Neumo’s is the main concert venue on the Hill. Neumo’s gets some big, national acts, but you’re more likely to encounter up and coming artists who will be famous in a few years.

Recent performers have included Deerhoof, Mykki Blanco, the Hives, and Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches.

SIFF Cinema Egyptian

SIFF Cinema Egyptian began as a masonic temple more than 100 years ago before converting to a movie theater in 1980.

Don’t let the weathered exterior fool you – the inside is refurbished and modern. They show everything from oddball cult films to acclaimed indie releases to silly fad movies like Cocaine Bear.

Club Comedy

Interested in some comedy? The intimate Club Comedy hosts open mic standup comedy nights, performances by local comedians, and the occasional national headliner.

12th Ave Arts Theater

The spot to catch local plays is 12th Ave Arts Theater, which offers a rotating set of shows on its Mainstage Theatre and Studio Theatre. Performances range from classics like Cabaret to edgy and eclectic original shows.

Others music and theater spots to consider: Chop Suey (concerts and dance parties), Northwest Film Forum (arthouse cinema), Capitol Hill Comedy / Bar (standup comedy), AMcE Creative Arts (art gallery)

Sports and Games

Garage Bowling and Billiards

Garage is the place to go on Capitol Hill to go bowling or shoot pool – and a lot more. There’s an outdoor firepit, weekend karaoke events, and a sportsbar, in addition to the 20 bowling lanes and 25 pool tables.

Play Bocce at Rhein Haus

rhein haus seattle

“Bocce, beer, and brats” is the tagline of Rhein Haus, a German bar/restaurant that has bocce lanes for patrons to use while drinking.

The food is solid – get yourself a bratwurst and pretzel, and find an open bocce lane to try your hand at the old-fashioned European sport.

Five Iron Golf

Who needs to drive to a fancy golf course these days? You can play a whole round without setting foot outside!

Five Iron Golf is “an indoor urban golf experience” that uses camera technology to track your swings and allow you to play a round of golf virtually using big screens. It’s a different kind of golf, and it’s a good time.

Blade & Timber Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is the latest trendy young adult trend. Blade & Timber, located right next to the Cap Hill light rail stop, is a good place to give it a try.

They have 18 axe-throwing lanes, a beer menu, and special promotions like Student Day and Service Industry Night.

Time Warp / Raygun Lounge

time warp bar
View from the second floor of Time Warp.

I’m listing both arcade bars together since they each offer games and drinks together.

Raygun has more pinball machines, while Time Warp has more old-school arcade games, but both are fun places to spend time, whether you’re traveling solo or with friends.

Coffee & Drinks

Try the Capitol Hill Coffee Tour, or head out on your own to visit some of these individual spots. I’m including a few bubble tea cafes as well, since boba is so popular in Capitol Hill.

Espresso Vivace

Espresso Vivace has a lengthy gourmet menu of espresso, whole bean coffee, and cold drinks. It’s consistently ranked among the best coffee shops in the neighborhood. Find it on Broadway in the northern end of Capitol Hill.

Caffe Vita Roastery and Cafe

Located right in the heart of the neighborhood, Caffe Vita has a cool atmosphere and excellent beverages. Enjoy their house-roasted blends and try a pastry.

Victrola Coffee Roasters

At both of its Capitol Hill locations, Victrola provides premium coffees from around the world. Victrola sells a number of baked goods as well, including scones, danish, and quiche.

Porchlight Coffee & Records

What could be more Capitol Hill than combining coffee and music? Porchlight serves up quality beverages and has a small collection of new and used vinyl records for sale.

Drip Tea

drip tea capitol hill

In my view, the best bubble tea shop in Capitol Hill Seattle is Drip Tea. The options here include basic milk teas with boba, classic fruit teas, Vietnamese coffees, and designer drinks like Babycat (taro smoothie with oreo and chocolate swirl), Yellow Heart (matcha and mango milk and mango bits), and Triple S (strawberry shortcake smoothie with fruit bits.)

Other Capitol Hill coffee shops to consider: Overcast Coffee, Analog Coffee, Café Ladro
Other Capitol Hill bubble tea shops to consider: Hi Tea Café, Don’t Yell at Me


Capitol Hill has dozens of restaurants, and everyone’s list of favorites is different. Your preference will depend on how much you want to spend, how fancy of an atmosphere you enjoy, and what particular style of food the place serves.

Here are a few of my personal favorites, followed by some additional recommendations by cuisine type.

Osteria la Spiga

osteria la spiga

For more than 25 years, Osteria la Spiga has served hearty dishes from Northern Italy. It’s upscale food and ambience without breaking the budget. I usually order the Gnocchetti Al Pesto, a ricotta and tomato gnocchi dish with pesto sauce.


Nue is an interesting concept. They serve “global street food,” and the menu rotates quite frequently. Recent dishes have included Syrian Kale & Carrot Salad, Malaysian Coconut Curry, South African Bunny Chow, and Ecuadorian Seafood Soup.


poquitos - capitol hill seattle mexican restaurants

You can’t go wrong with any of the major Mexican places in Cap Hill – Poquito’s, Fogon, or Barrio. I like Poquito’s because of its sunny back bar area and extensive drink menu.

The appetizers may be the best thing on the menu, especially the guacamole, chicharrones, and tostadas.

This restaurant is fairly small, so it’s always crowded. But Nue does have a small outdoor seating area as well.

Taurus Ox

Taurus Ox recently moved from Madison St. to 19th Ave., and the Laotian restaurant still gets some of the best reviews in the neighborhood. I suggest the Thom Khem (caramelized pork belly) or the Lao Pork Sausage.


ramen danbo

This place does one thing, and does it very well – ramen noodle soups. Ramen DANBO also has locations in Vancouver and NYC, so it’s the real deal.

The small dining room gets very busy, so go early. Even for lunch, you should arrive before noon to avoid a wait.


olmstead - best brunch in capitol hill

What’s the best brunch in Capitol Hill? That’s almost an impossible question, as there are so many options. But Olmstead is in the conversation.

This place has good sandwiches, desserts, and breakfast foods. Try the Toad in a Hole! Olmstead also hosts game nights and queer standup comedy nights.

Late Night Street Hot Dog

capitol hill hot dog seattle

If you’re out late on a weekend, you’ll see vendors on street corners serving up hot dogs to folks leaving the bar. Eating one is a Capitol Hill rite of passage.

There is such a thing as a “Seattle dog,” which is a hot dog in a bun with cream cheese and grilled onions. But don’t feel obligated to order that weird combination. Get whatever you like on your sandwich!

Other Recommended Capitol Hill Restaurants:

palermo pizza pasta
Palermo Pizza & Pasta in Capitol Hill

Here’s a longer list of Capitol Hill restaurants I recommend of all types:

Mexican (Fogon, Barrio)
Jamaican (Taste of the Caribbean)
Thai (Bai Tong, Bites of Bangkok)
Vietnamese (Ba Bar, Pho Than Brothers)
Japanese (Momiji, Kobuta & Ookami)
Korean (Meet Korean BBQ)
Italian (Tavolata, Altura)
Pizza (Palermo Pizza & Pasta, Big Mario’s, Via Tribunali)
German (Rhein Haus)
Seafood (Coastal Kitchen)
Vegan (Life on Mars)
Cafes (Oddfellows)
American Brunch (Skillet, Volunteer Park Cafe)


Dough Joy

dough joy donuts

These raised donuts are so good, you won’t even realize they’re vegan. You never know what inventive flavors will show up on this week’s menu.

Dough Joy is always rotating in new donut creations, such as Root Beer Float, Churro, Sour Watermelon, French Toast, Cotton Candy, and Mango con Chile.

Top Pot Doughnuts

Top Pot is another great donut place. Capitol Hill is one of their several locations around the city. They have donuts of all kinds. I’m partial to the cake donuts with lemon, raspberry or chocolate glaze.

Hot Cakes

hot cakes molten lava chocolate

Hot Cakes is the place for molten chocolate lava cakes. Ok, they serve other treats as well, but people come for the gooey chocolate desserts, served with a side of ice cream. It’s a great place for a date – although a bit expensive!

Frankie & Jo’s Ice Cream

I really like Frankie & Jo’s seasonal flavors (banana butterscotch parfait!) and the fact that their ice creams are vegan, gluten-free, and mostly free of cane sugar. Be prepared for sticker shock, though – I recently paid $29 after tip for two standard waffle cones.

Others dessert spots to consider: Bakery Nouveau (award-winning French bakery), Cinnaholic (giant, indulgent cinnamon rolls), H Mart Grocery (they have a dessert counter with Asian delicacies), Mighty-O Donuts (popular donut shop), General Porpoise (donuts & coffee)

Capitol Hill Bars and Brewpubs

capitol hill seattle bars

In addition to the bars already mentioned above (Olmstead, Rhein Haus, Linda’s Tavern, Sam’s Tavern, Comet Tavern), here are some other spots to get a good drink in a good atmosphere.

Tavern Law

Tavern Law is a classy and sophisticated space with clever cocktails and a small but diverse food menu.

Even cooler is the bar’s upstairs speakeasy called Needle & Thread, which requires advance reservations and has no drink menu – they craft drinks specifically for each guest based on their individual taste.

Crescent Lounge

crescent lounge

The go-to karaoke bar in Capitol Hill is Crescent, which has singing every night of the week. The performers here are usually solid. Come to Crescent if you can actually carry a tune.

Hula Hula next door also has karaoke, but it doesn’t have the glorious dive bar atmosphere of Crescent, which has been operating here since 1948.

Stoup Brewing (Optimism)

Formerly known as Optimism, Stoup Brewing is one of the largest bars on the Hill, and it really gets busy on weekdays right after work at happy hour.

They create a lot of unique beers and some frozen alcoholic drinks. If you’re visiting Seattle alone, this is a good bar to try, since it’s so large and has extensive window bar seating.

A Stir (formerly Capitol Cider)

How many ciders does the average bar have on tap? One, maybe two if you’re lucky? A Stir bar and restaurant (formerly Capitol Cider) has 30 ciders on tap, and more than 200 in bottles and cans.

Expect to see every possible fruit cider you can imagine: dragonfruit, pineapple, cucumber berry, habanero lime, pear, huckleberry, and more.

Pie Bar

I love bars with unusual concepts. This one is all about pie. Pie Bar has a ton of dessert pies (try Banana Cream or Peanut Butter Chocolate), plus pie-inspired martinis, or “pietinis,” which are made with fruit and cream to emulate the flavor of real pies. Pie Bar also serves savory dinner pies – the chicken pot pie is great!

Pine Box

Talk about unique – the appropriately-named Pine Box is located in a former mortuary with cathedral ceilings. They have lots of great beers on tap and serve up some of the best pizza in Capitol Hill.

Other Capitol Hill bars to consider: Elysian (excellent American food), Unicorn (playful bar with young crowd), The Lookout (patio with city skyline views), Hillside Bar (darts, pool, and pinball), Cha Cha Lounge (basement bar with Mexican vibe)


Union Seattle

union gay bar seattle

Perhaps the most popular gay bar in Capitol Hill these days is Union, a casual space with video screens and some outdoor tables. There’s no dancefloor here – this is a place to kiki with friends over a cocktail or three.

The Cuff Complex

The main place to dance these days on Capitol Hill is the Cuff. The bar is low-key during the week, but it gets super crowded on Friday and Saturday nights when hundreds come to dance. Expect long lines and a cover charge (cash only) in the $10 range on weekends.

Madison Pub

madison pub

Since 1986, Madison Pub has been the most prominent gay sportsbar in Seattle. The non-pretentious space has pool tables, darts, pinball, and sports on several tv screens. I recommend the Tuesday trivia nights at 7 pm (get there early to secure a table!)

Others LGBTQ places worth considering: Queer Bar (under-30 crowd, lots of drag shows), Diesel (old-school leather bar, very strong drinks), Pony (attracts an alternative crowd), Wildrose (one of the few lesbian bars left in the country)

Popular But Overrated Capitol Hill Spots

Dick’s Drive-In

Like Taco Time, Dick’s is a Seattle institution not because it’s good, but because it’s simply been around a long time, and therefore evokes feelings of nostalgia. Dick’s stays open until 2 am, so it’s one of the most convenient late-night options after a night of bar hopping.

The preposterously limited menu features only hamburgers, fries, and ice cream. They won’t even customize your order. If you want a burger without mustard, tough luck!

Salt & Straw

Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of Salt & Straw, but I’m including them because they always have a long line out the door, so people obviously love them.

They serve gourmet ice cream, often with silly/pretentious flavors involving weird ingredients like black pepper, olive oil, brie and bleu cheese. If you like that sort of thing, enjoy!

Capitol Hill Goodwill

Thrift stores are big in this city (remember that Seattle’s own Macklemore recorded “Thrift Shop”). But this Goodwill isn’t one worth going out of your way to visit. Most of the good stuff at Goodwill has already been picked over, so you won’t uncover a lot of great finds here.

Hotels: Where to Stay in Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill only has one proper hotel, along with some B&Bs, small inns, and Airbnbs. You could stay downtown like many tourists do, but if you want to find lodging in Capitol Hill, here are your best options.

Silver Cloud Hotel. The only true hotel in Capitol Hill, the Silver Cloud Hotel has a parking garage and is located within walking distance of the heart of the neighborhood. The rooms are clean and modern, and the hotel features a gym and laundry facilities. Check pricing and availability.

The Art Inn. A boutique inn next to Seattle University, the Art Inn is situated near the stretch of businesses on 12th Avenue, including Rhein Haus, Ba Bar, and Carmelo’s Tacos. The hotel features cozy rooms, free wifi, and contactless check-in. Check pricing and availability.

Cecil Bacon Manor. A ten-room bed and breakfast, Cecil Bacon Manor is just two blocks from Volunteer Park. The guesthouse features vintage charm, attentive owners, and an optional breakfast. Check pricing and availability.

Gaslight Inn. The Gaslight Inn is one of the top-rated B&Bs in the city. The historic property has eight elegantly decorated rooms and an outdoor pool. Pretty much all of Capitol Hill can be reached within a 10-15 walk from the property. Check pricing and availability.

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capitol hill view

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Do you have any other suggestions for things to do in Capitol Hill Seattle?

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