The obligatory trip to Mt. Rushmore

Mount Rushmore seems to inspire interesting reactions in people. To some, it’s an important historic landmark and a national treasure. To others, it’s just four heads on a mountain, a pointless tourist trap.

Even if you hold the latter view, visiting Rushmore is still an experience. Construction on the South Dakota memorial began in 1927, eventually resulting in the giant heads of George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt. Poor Teddy – everyone forgets about him!

Mt Rushmore

I found that when I took pictures of Rushmore, my camera’s face detection recognized the heads of Washington and Jefferson but not Lincoln and Roosevelt. Weird!

There’s a short hike you can take to get closer to the mountain, but why would you want to, when you can go hike in the nearby Black Hills or Badlands National Park instead?

Rushmore is worth seeing if you happen to be in the area. I would never recommend making it a primary destination. But if you go with a positive attitude, you can make it fun. I highly recommend trying to make yourself the fifth head.

How do you feel about Mt. Rushmore?

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7 comments on “The obligatory trip to Mt. Rushmore

  1. living in SD (although 400 miles away from Mount Rushmore) I’ve been there several times. Never once did I think to make myself the 5th head. Now I need to go west river again!

  2. love that bottom picture. when i was a kid i lived in south dakota, and me and my dad used to go ice fishing inthe black hills near the monument. i think we went to see the heads a couple of times before we moved due to the unrelenting boredom of SD

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