Quirky Attraction: The Nashville Parthenon

parthenon museum front

The Nashville Parthenon
Location: Nashville, Tennessee (2500 West End Ave.)
When to visit: Anytime during daylight hours
Cost: Free to visit, $6 to go inside
Time needed: 15 minutes
Website: www.nashville.gov/Parks-and-Recreation/Parthenon.aspx

It’s not necessary to travel to Europe to see some of the most famous structures in the world – as long as you’re willing to settle for replicas. Much like the Leaning Tower of Niles in Illinois, a half-size model of the real thing in Pisa, there’s a Parthenon imitation in the U.S. too.

Get your taste of ancient Greece in Nashville’s Centennial Park. This replica is full-size and even includes a 42-foot statue of Athena, just like the one in Greece. This Parthenon was built in 1897 for the Centennial Exposition and remains the centerpiece of one of the city’s most popular parks. The city rebuilt the structure in 1920 to make it more of a permanent fixture, since the 1897 version had been made from plaster, wood, and brick.

Today, people hang out around the Parthenon, sit on its steps, have picnics in the grass, and play frisbee on the lawn.




For a fee of $6, you can go inside, see the Athena statue, and view the art galleries. Enjoy your visit… just don’t skateboard on the Parthenon!




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  1. Thank you!! I never heard of this! Cool!. I had read Greece was talking about restoring the Parthenon- but we actually have a full one. Appreciate this and all the cool things you show us!

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