Quirky Attraction: Ocean Beach Pier Cafe in San Diego

san diego pier cafe

Ocean Beach Pier Cafe
Location: San Diego, California (5091 Niagara Ave.)
When to visit: Hours vary, but generally open between 9 am – 10 pm
Cost: $10 is enough for many dishes
Time needed to enjoy: 30-60 minutes for a meal
Website: Facebook site (unofficial)

Google Maps is telling me there’s a restaurant in the Pacific Ocean! How can this be? I assume the map is malfunctioning, but when I get to Ocean Beach and see the small building attached the to pier, I realized Google has been right all along. Silly me to question them! (Although Google is wrong once in a while…)

Ocean Beach Pier Cafe – not to be confused with some other Pier Cafes on the water in other San Diego neighborhoods – sits several hundred feet out into the ocean. It must be a pain to get the food way out on that pier, and to prepare it in what must be a tiny kitchen. But those logistical issues are not our concern. We just want to eat on the ocean!

The cafe has a small dining room with great views looking back towards shore. You can get take-out. And there’s also a small bar along the pier where you can eat outside, though you may have to share your meal with the birds.

pier cafe seating

The cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You’ll have to park near the beach and make the trek toward the end of the pier.

Would you eat a meal on a pier in the ocean?


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    • I spent quite a while taking pics of surfers there. It’s funny how you can stand on foot and watch surfers beneath you who are actually closer to shore than you are.

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